Hunger Action Summit

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Thank you for your interest in the 2014 Hunger Action Summit. A wealth of information was presented at this event, which we hope you will be able to use to help us end hunger.

Materials Presented:


Closing the Meal Gap: The Hunger Index (Powerpoint)
Presented by S. Andrew Starbird, Ph.D.

Diagnosing and Treating Hunger in Kids (Powerpoint)
Presented by Deborah A. Frank, M.D.

Making Ends Meet: Cost of a Healthy Meal (Powerpoint)
Presented by Selena Pistoresi, Lisa McMonagle and Theresa Gordon

Second Harvest Food Bank: Current Landscape (Powerpoint)
Presented by Cindy McCown

The Unmet Potential of SNAP (Powerpoint)
Presented by Kim McCoy Wade

Feeding a Million Kids a Day: Learning from Akshaya Patra (Powerpoint)
Presented by Sumit Sadana

Innovations in Food Banking (Powerpoint)
Presented by Kathy Jackson