Student Internship Opportunities

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Looking for field experience as part of your educational program for college?

Food Bank managers are constantly defining short and long-term projects that can not only make an impact on the Food Bank’s mission, but also can assist students looking for practical field experience in the social services, nutrition education, fund-raising or non-profit business sector.

Typically, internship projects are unpaid and provide an educational experience for a college student under the mentorship of a Food Bank leader and sponsoring educational institution.  Occasionally a paid internship opportunity becomes available with funding either from an educational institution or by a special grant obtained by the Food Bank.

Students are encouraged to apply for listed internship opportunities as well as for opportunities that may not, as of yet, be listed on our website.  To apply, submit a letter of interest, specifying the goals of your school’s field experience program, and/or your own personal goals.  College representatives may also contact us on behalf of students involved in educational programs that require field experience.  We will then try to match students or college programs with a Food Bank manager or project that will help everyone achieve their goals.  Upon interview and acceptance by the Food Bank, a "Memorandum of Understanding and Goal Identification" sheet will need to be completed by both the student and his/her sponsoring educational institution in order to begin the internship. 

Current Internship Opportunities:

Our Nutrition Department has an internship opportunity for fall 2016 for professional-level students working towards their Masters , MD, or RD degree. The purpose of this position is to help the department best improve the nutritional status and promote the general well-being of low-income families and individuals through assisting with nutrition education curricula development and implementation including on-line nutrition education with clients, teaching ongoing nutrition classes tailored for specific client populations, and conducting cooking demonstrations using healthy, affordable, and culturally-appropriate recipes. In addition, interns help Second Harvest maintain a high level of food safety through helping provide technical assistance regarding food safety procedures to sites as needed. Interns may also take on “special projects” depending on their skills, degree, and interests, such as developing a survey tool to evaluate client nutrition needs and satisfactions levels.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please submit a resume as well as a brief letter describing your interest in working with us to Elena Hollander, the Community Nutrition Manager, at


Further internship questions can be answered by submitting a letter of inquiry to: