Carolee Hazard's 93 Dollar Club

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Since their chance meeting, the 93 Dollar Club has raised more than $150,000 to benefit Second Harvest Food Banks of San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties and another $45,000 for food banks around the country.

Every $1 provides 2 meals, so the money raised locally has provided over 300,000 meals. With help from posting and reposting on Facebook, our "pay it forward" story has traveled around the globe and continues to move people to spread goodness and help fight hunger. Every person, every action — large or small — makes a difference:

The Story

The 93 Dollar Club has come a long way since its formation just over a year ago. Thanks to Carolee Hazard's determination, its target has been achieved and re-raised multiple times already. Fittingly enough, the Club's most ambitious target was met just as it neared its one-year anniversary. With just two weeks to spare, Carolee announced that the 93 Dollar Club had achieved the milestone of $93,000, multiplying that first gift a thousand times over!

The Club was formed in August 2009 as a result of a random act of kindness and trust at a local Trader Joe's. Carolee Hazard and her two daughters were standing in line behind stranger Jenni Ware. Upon discovering that she had lost her wallet, Jenni found herself unable to pay for the $207.29 worth of groceries that were just rung up. With little hesitation, Carolee stepped up and paid for Jenni's groceries. The women exchanged information and Jenni promised to send a check. Carolee left the encounter feeling simultaneously very good and very stupid about her actions.

The next day, Carolee received a check for an even $300 from Jenni with a note suggesting that Carolee do something nice for herself. Touched by Jenni's honesty, Carolee matched the additional $93 Jenni had included, and turned to Facebook for suggestions on where the $186 should go. One person suggested Second Harvest Food Bank, since the events had occurred at a grocery store. Another friend, inspired by the story, matched with $93 of his own money. And then another did. And another. And another.

Within hours the total was over $600, and more kept coming in as the story spread. Donations have been made in all variations of 93, like the 93 cents donated from a child's allowance and the $9.30 donated by a single working mother. One donor, after learning of the 93 Dollar Club's story, was moved to make a $9,300 donation in memory of his recently deceased mother.

Carolee and Jenni have graciously accepted the attention and publicity that have come as a result of their interaction. The story has been featured in the Mercury News, KFOG, ABC7, FOX2, The Huffington Post, Yahoo! News, PEOPLE Magazine and several other independent news outlets and websites. The 93 Dollar Club Facebook page has grown to more than 3,400 fans representing far-off places such as Afghanistan and England, and recently, Facebook featured them in their Facebook Stories video series (video above).

As usual, Carolee is not resting on her laurels. She has set a new target for the Club: an even $200,000.

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