Meet Our Director of Project Management

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Kate Wilson

As Director of Project Management, Kate Wilson helps SHFB successfully execute its many key initiatives to better serve our community and steward its resources. She also oversees the organization's strategic planning, annual planning, portfolio management, and project management training.

Kate joined SHFB in 2008 and has led and coached on projects in every area of the organization. Her work was instrumental to the successful acquisition and integration of SHFB's third warehouse, to key internal process reengineering efforts resulting in improved efficiency and employee and customer satisfaction, and to the development and implementation of new approaches to hunger elimination.

Before joining SHFB, Kate worked in fundraising and donor services. Kate is deeply committed to SHFB's mission and to the residents of Santa Clara and San Mateo counties who depend on the food bank for their next meal as well as to be a powerful voice against hunger. Kate has her undergraduate degree from Georgetown University and her MBA from Santa Clara University, and she is a certified Project Management Professional.