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Del Monaco Foods

Organic mashed potatoes, braised beef, and risotto at a food bank? Thanks to the high standards of Del Monaco Specialty Foods in Morgan Hill, CA, Second Harvest Food Bank receives thousand of pounds of fresh and nutritious food every month. While other food manufacturers may rework mistakes or sell to secondary markets, at Del Monaco, anything with the slightest imperfection is donated to SHFB to help nourish people in need. Their standards for the foods they produce not only benefits the clients who have grown to trust them with their recipes, it benefits the entire community.

Vic and Tony Del MonacoDel Monaco Specialty Foods is a family business and custom food manufacturer with deep roots in the food industry. Michael Del Monaco came to the United States from Italy with a dream, and soon he and his wife, Ernestine, opened many restaurants throughout the Bay Area and began sharing their unique style of Southern Italian cooking. In the late 1970s, Michael opened a central kitchen to maintain quality and consistency over the food they sold in their restaurants, a venture that eventually led to the creation of Del Monaco Specialty Foods. Michael and Ernestine's sons, Vic and Tony, now run the family business and carry on the legacy their father created.


Community is important to Del Monaco and they value their partnership with Second Harvest. They know that the Food Bank will handle their products safely and ensure an equitable distribution to a variety of worthy charities in the area. In addition to supporting the Food Bank with an abundance of nutritious food donations, the company supports local businesses with in-house employee incentive programs and company functions. They also built their new 80,000-square-foot plant responsibly in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint on the environment and the local community.

SoupInnovation is one of the keys to Del Monaco's success, and they are leading the industry with an impressive balance of technology and automation. With their state-of-the-art equipment and highly-skilled cooks and production crew, they are able to provide their customers with consistent small-batch recipes. The cooking techniques they use are similar to those used in home and restaurant kitchens, which results in multi-dimensional flavors, texture, and color.

Del Monaco Specialty Foods currently has over 70 employees and is growing their extended family fast. They continually strive to meet their own standards of excellence in service, quality, and food safety so that they can honor the commitment they make to existing and new customers. Del Monaco has a remarkable list of credentials including Kosher Certified and Organic Certified, and their facility undergoes third-party audits and is inspected by the USDA and FDA.

At Second Harvest Food Bank, we rely on the support of our community partners and donors. Our thanks goes out to the Del Monaco family and the many other food donors who help us provide nutritious meals to over 231,311 people each month. To learn more about Del Monaco Specialty Foods, visit their website:


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