Food Donor Spotlight

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When most people think about a food bank, they tend to envision racks filled with mac & cheese and powdered milk. Second Harvest Food Bank is committed to providing food that is both great tasting and healthy. Through partnerships with local food manufacturers, like San Jose's RW Garcia, we are changing the way people eat.

RW Garcia's products are made from the finest all-natural ingredients, including organic and stone ground non-GMO corn and seasonings that contain no additives or preservatives. They produce great-tasting tortilla chips and gluten-free crackers made from imaginative combinations of corn and other natural ingredients. Healthy alternatives like RW Garcia tortilla chips increase the choices families have at snack time and help the Food Bank address the food allergies and dietary needs of those we serve.

Since partnering with Second Harvest in 2003, RW Garcia has donated over 214,000 pounds of nutritious corn chips and gluten-free crackers to thousands of local families. The food they provide is made available to all 326 of Second Harvest's community partners, such as Sacred Heart Community Service and Shelter Network. Our partners continually express gratitude for receiving nutritious, high-quality snacks for their clients.

"When deciding what to buy with a limited food budget, our clients face great difficulty in making healthy choices that will also satisfy hunger," said Second Harvest's CEO Kathy Jackson. "By having healthier options available to them, parents are able to make better choices for their children."

Even during these difficult economic times, RW Garcia believes it's beneficial for companies to donate their surplus products. "Second Harvest Food Bank is a quality organization that provides food for thousands of people in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties. Giving back to our community by donating product to SHFB and other charities is very important to us," says co-founder Margaret Garcia.

Robert and Margaret Garcia founded RW Garcia in 1982. When asked what makes RW Garcia so successful, RW says, "We don't ask people to choose between good tasting and good for you. We've always believed snacks can be both." Today, RW Garcia is still family-owned and operated, and is recognized as a leading producer of organic, premium, all-natural tortilla chips.

On behalf of the thousands of families your contributions touch each month, thank you, RW Garcia. To learn more about the company and their products, visit

To learn more about some of the partner agencies that benefit from RW Garcia's donations, see our featured partners.


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