Community in Crisis: Second
Harvest’s Role During the Pandemic

Annual Report 2020-2021

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Footage courtesy of Silicon Valley Community Foundation (2020)

The Need Continued

Everyone experienced the dramatic and often devastating effects of the pandemic in 2020, but many of our clients also faced increased food insecurity in 2021. Our community stepped up in a big way and helped us rapidly transform our operations to meet the additional need.

We are grateful for our network of supporters who helped make it possible for us to provide food to anyone who needed it.

Leslie Bacho

For low-income households, it takes a long time to recover once you’ve wiped out your savings and you’re behind on your bills. That’s why we don’t expect to see need drop to what it was pre-pandemic.

Leslie Bacho, CEO, Second Harvest of Silicon Valley

Fiscal Year 2020-2021 Stats

People per month* vs. 250,000 people/month pre-pandemic
Pounds per month* vs. 5.75M pounds of food/month pre-pandemic
Drive-thru grocery distributions vs. three pre-pandemic
Home deliveries to households per month* vs. 1,000 households/month pre-pandemic
Second Harvest trucks vs. 21 trucks pre-pandemic
Warehouses operating nearly 24 hours a day, six days a week vs. three warehouses operating five days a week pre-pandemic
* FY20/21 monthly averages

Our Partners

We are at the center of the charitable food distribution system in Silicon Valley, supplying fresh food through over 300 partners at more than 900 sites across Santa Clara and San Mateo counties. We are grateful for our partners – we could not do this work without them.

Facing a Long Road to Recovery

Low-wage workers were hit the hardest by pandemic job and income losses and are experiencing the slowest recovery. Because food budgets are flexible, they are often the first thing to go when finances are tight. Second Harvest ensured that our clients didn’t have to make the heart-wrenching choice between nutritious food or other necessities during the last year.

of respondents had less than $100 in savings at the time of the survey.
of respondents had delayed paying their rent or mortgage during the pandemic.
of respondents indicated that someone in their household had lost a job or experienced a reduction in their work hours since shelter in place started in March 2020.
of those still employed, 70% were essential workers, which required them to work in public spaces before the vaccine was available.

Client Stories

Pandemic Pressures for a Single Mom

Susan | Client, San Jose

Susan was working part-time while also juggling her coursework for nursing school when the pandemic hit and she lost her job. She shares a one-bedroom apartment in San Jose with her mother, her stepfather and her two kids. Knowing the challenges her family was facing, Susan’s mom decided to attend a free grocery distribution for the first time in November 2020. The family was amazed by the amount of food it received from Second Harvest.

“Well, when my mom got the food and got home, we were looking at each other. And then my mom hugged me. And she was like, ‘We are so blessed that we are able to have food and this amount of food.’”

A Senior with Creativity in the Kitchen

Nhon | Client, San Jose

As a senior in the high-risk category, Nhon worried about taking the bus to get his food after the pandemic hit. Luckily, his former ESL classmate offered to drive him to a distribution site. Now, he walks to a site closer to his house in San Jose. Nhon and his wife get creative in the kitchen and come up with Vietnamese dishes to cook and eat every day, all made from the food from our boxes.

“There were several food items that I was not too familiar with, like cheese, celery and tortillas. My wife tried mixing tuna, chicken and carrots, and then she rolled it up with the tortilla and made a new version of Vietnamese egg rolls, which was delicious.” -Nhon

A Successful Emergency Home Delivery

Vanessa | Client, San Jose

When we met Vanessa, she was trying to make the best of a challenging situation: she was barely able to pay half of her rent that month. Then, a few weeks later, she and her son both tested positive for COVID-19. She got in contact with Second Harvest’s Food Connection Hotline and was signed up for emergency home delivery. The very next day, she had three boxes of food at her doorstep.

Vanessa said, “I couldn’t believe how fast I got my food.”

The Drive to Volunteer as a Client

Maria | Client, San Jose

Maria began getting food from her local food distribution site prior to the pandemic. After shelter in place was in effect, she noticed the line moved very slowly because there were not enough volunteers to help distribute the food. That’s when Maria decided to volunteer. Then in November 2020 Maria and her entire family contracted COVID-19 and they lost all of their savings while her husband was sick and not working. That’s why the food they receive from Second Harvest has been so crucial.

“I see people so happy and I feel so happy that I’m being useful and helping people get their food.” -Maria

Food Connection Hotline
Connecting Those in Need

There were people in the community who needed our help even before the pandemic began, but who did not seek it out due to stigma. Many of those same people found themselves accessing our services for the first time when they were pushed past their financial brink due to COVID. Last year our multilingual Food Connection Hotline team worked tirelessly to answer calls from new and existing clients in need of food assistance, providing referrals to food programs and giving our clients the reassurance they needed to feel comfortable asking for help.

Calls to our Food Connection Hotline
CalFresh applications submitted
Additional meals provided through approved CalFresh applications

Food Connection Stories

Kelly Chew - Her Team Can Give Help in Six Languages

Director of Services, Food Connection

Kelly’s upbringing in Hong Kong and San Jose and her background in clinical nutrition and social work makes her uniquely poised to connect to the multilingual immigrant families seeking food and services at Second Harvest. Kelly leads the Food Connection Hotline team and is helping clients get the food resources they need.

“I’m really proud of what we’re doing here. On our team, we have Spanish, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Cantonese and Mandarin speakers and we work with a language support line run by a third party so we can connect someone to food assistance in their native language.”

True Nguyen - Remembering Calls From Our Seniors

Outreach Specialist, Food Connection

“I talked to a senior, and she was getting our home delivery. And then she called us back and she said, ‘Oh, I loved everything in the boxes you guys gave me. Thank you so much for sending all the things that I needed.”

Will Gutierrez - A Lifeline During Unimaginable Loss

Field Specialist, Food Connection

“This lady called the hotline. She was trying to apply for CalFresh, and I helped her out. But the sensitive part of the story was that last year, her husband, her mother and her mother-in-law passed away due to COVID. So, she’s now alone with four kids, and it was really, really hard for me to keep it together on the call. I helped her apply for CalFresh. I gave her some referrals for Second Harvest (food distributions), and then I gave her the number for other types of help. I was just really happy that I was able to do something for her and her family.”

Volunteers Made Our Work Possible

We relied on volunteers to show up week after week at our facilities, as well as our grocery distribution sites across our two counties, to make our operations run smoothly.

Hours of volunteer service valued at $4.96M, the equivalent of 100 full-time employees.
Additional volunteer hours provided by the CA National Guard and San Jose Conservation Corps, the equivalent of nearly 103 full-time employees.

Universal School Meals

Starting in the 2022-2023 school year, California will invest $650M annually to provide free breakfast and lunch to all students, impacting more than 247,000 students in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties each year. Second Harvest advocated alongside partners for the state bill creating the universal school meals program and co-sponsored a previous version of the bill in 2020 that inspired this historic investment. We are continuing to advocate at the federal level for all children in the U.S. to receive free school meals.

“Free universal school meals in my district will help with bullying. Everybody will be on equal footing. Universal school meals will [also] help curb food insecurity for our students. At one of our sites, we’re providing that student’s only meal of the day.

Even though their kids need the food, parents have been afraid to sign up through the school meals application because they’re afraid they will be denied citizenship. Having universal school meals eliminates the need for an application, and it eliminates the fear. Universal school meals is the best thing that I’ve seen in 52 years of being in food service.”

Debbie Austin, Food Service Director, Mountain View Whisman School District

Every Virtual Drive Makes a Difference

Due to pandemic-related safety concerns, we stopped accepting community food donations, including food collected through food drives. But our community was still eager to help.

To keep our supporters connected to our work, we launched a new peer-to-peer fundraising platform for hosting virtual food drives. This new tool allowed supporters to raise funds rather than collect food on our behalf.

More than 1,000 individuals, businesses, schools, churches and other organizations started virtual food drives to fundraise for Second Harvest. In addition to hosting virtual drives, people chose to support Second Harvest by asking family and friends to donate money to a drive in lieu of giving them a gift for their birthday, graduation or wedding. Others honored a loved one by starting a virtual food drive in their memory.

Caylee Makes a Difference

When Caylee was turning five, she decided to host a virtual food drive and asked her family and classmates to donate to Second Harvest instead of giving her gifts, raising over $3,000 — enough to provide food for 6,000 meals!

Caylee was inspired to host her virtual food drive when she learned that more than 500,000 people relied on the food bank every month to receive the groceries they need. She would pray every night that no children, young and old, go to sleep hungry.

Caylee is so happy that more families now have access to the most basic need: food. This was such a rewarding experience for Caylee, and we hope it will inspire others.

Dave and Dyan Arizabal, Caylee’s parents

Mitch Thurston

Mitch Thurston was a longtime passionate supporter of Second Harvest, leading turkey drives for 10 years before pivoting to fundraising. His biggest fundraiser succeeded in raising $56,000 for Second Harvest. Mitch passed away in 2020 and his daughters chose to honor his life and legacy by starting a virtual food drive in his memory.

For years our dad set an example of giving back to our community by raising thousands of dollars with friends, family and colleagues to donate to Second Harvest each holiday season. We can't think of a better way to honor his legacy than to revive his fundraising food drive during this year of incredible need.

Lauren Thurston Eichenbaum and Elisabeth Thurston Fraser

Linda wanted her 11-year-old son, Evan, to understand the true meaning of service. In 2020, they started a virtual food drive and passed along the link to Evan’s neighborhood friends and family members.

They all appreciated being asked to contribute. I think a lot of people were feeling so helpless about the pandemic and were very happy to have a tangible way to help their local community through Evan’s ask.

Linda Bookman, Evan's mom

Instead of hosting their annual holiday food drive, the Valley Transit Authority hosted its first virtual food drive, raising more than $20,000 to help neighbors across Silicon Valley. VTA’s drive helped provide enough food for more than 43,000 meals, quadruple the amount of food it collected in barrels in 2019.

We didn’t know what to expect, but once everyone understood the process to donate, it took off! We didn’t know what to expect.

Omar Pizano, Valley Transit Authority

The Sikh Cub Scout Pack, ages 5 to 10, pledged to ride their bicycles two miles for every $10 they received in donations. They raised more than $6,000 and biked 1,350 miles.

These scouts have seen how their lives have been impacted by COVID-19 and they didn’t want anyone in the Bay Area to struggle with hunger.

Montu Mavi, Cubmaster

Thank You to Our Fiscal Year 2020-2021 Major Supporters!

Anonymous (3)
Gino Addiego
Anne Wojcicki Foundation
Aneel and Allison Bhusri
Billings Living Trust
Craig Newmark Philanthropies
William and Tammy Crown *
David and Lucile Packard Foundation
Ann and John Doerr *
John and Eileen Donahoe *
Feeding America

Bill and Amy Gurley
Reid Hoffman Foundation *
Erin Hoffmann and Michael Schroepfer
Khosla Family *
Ben and Gladys Rizzi
Jeff and Marieke Rothschild
RSMcDowell Fund at the Marin Community Foundation
Safeway Foundation
Sheryl Sandberg and Tom Bernthal *
Sergey Brin Family Foundation
Troper Wojcicki Foundation
Valhalla Foundation

*Denotes For the Kids Council Member

Anonymous (14)
Eric A. Anderson
Carol D. Blackman
Paul T. Buchheit
Jennifer Burkham and Jason Krikorian *
Brook H. and Shawn Byers *
Du and Sarah Chai
Chronicle Season of Sharing Fund
Chu Revocable Trust
Aart de Geus and Esther John
James and June Diller
Dotson Family Fund
John and Ellen Drew *
Estate of Elsie Landseth
Eustace-Kwan Family Foundation *
M Rameen Ghorieshi, M.D., M.P.H.
Christine Goralnik and Kevin Spain
Griffith Family Foundation
Stephen Hall and Colleen Dunn Hall
Dr. Graham Hamilton
Eli and Britt Harari
Ward and Debbie Harriman *
Hopper Dean Family Fund
Hoven Family Foundation *
Jen-Hsun and Lori Huang
Hurlbut-Johnson Charitable Trusts
Rajeev Jayavant and Ana Mendez
Farhad and Flora Khosravi
Koret Foundation
Leslie Family Foundation
Lillian Lincoln Foundation
Justin Lo
Bill Marr and Carol Bartz
Jeffrey Mayer and Tacy Witter

John and Michele McNellis
Andrew and Judith Mendelsohn
Matthew and Mandy Miller
Anjali and Sundar Pichai *
Geoff and Andrea Ralston *
Jake Reynolds, Jr. and Robin Reynolds
TJ Rodgers and Valeta Massey
Jesse and Melinda Rogers
Ronald and Ann Williams Charitable Foundation
Sequoia Healthcare District
Severns Family Foundation
Bruce and Cynthia Sewell *
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Silicon Valley Leadership Group Foundation
Sobrato Family Foundation
Stanford Health Care
Mark and Mary Stevens
Mark Stevens and Mary Murphy
Godfrey and Suzanne Sullivan *
David Sze and Kathleen Donohue
The Benificus Foundation
The Braddi Family Living Trust
The Grove Foundation
The Strongpoint Foundation *
The Warmenhoven Family Foundation
The William G. Irwin Charity Foundation
TOSA Foundation
Onnolee and Orlin Trapp
Jeffrey and Holly Ullman
Fermi Wang and Jean Aida Kung
Webb Family Foundation
Westly Foundation
Paul and Cynthia Yock
Zane Fox Memorial Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 344

*Denotes For the Kids Council Member

Anonymous (16)
Alwan Family Fund
Phyllis Baer
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Jeff and Tina Bird
Brian Birtwistle and Julie Bornstein *
John T. Brookes and Kelly A. Meldrum
Katherine and Robert Burke
Paul and Judith Carmichael
Carol Moss Foundation
Chambers Family Foundation
Shashi and Swapna Chilappagari
William and Kimberly Chisholm
Chizen Family Foundation
Anne and Terry Clark
Robin Colman and Cheryl A. Bode
William and Bridget Coughran
Jay Crim and Shekar Davarya
Davidson Family Foundation
Walter Dean
Delta Dental Community Care Foundation
Sunil and Margo Dhaliwal
Connie and Gary Dickerson
Shannon and Ted Farrell
Rodney Ferguson and Kathleen Egan
Scott and Molly Forstall
George H. Sandy Foundation
George J. Sullivan 1987 Trust
Sanjay Ghemawat
Jay and Mikey Hoag
John and Sylvia Hughes
Barbara Hugli-Jones and Christopher Jones
Michael Jacobson and Trine Sorensen
John and Jacque Jarve
Eugene Jhong and Jisun Rhee
John & Marcia Goldman Foundation
Kaiser Permanente
Northern California Community Benefit Programs
Steven Kleiman and Helen Bradley
Atte and Reetta Lahtiranta
Georgia Lee and George Shenk

Richard Lenon and Leslie Hsu
Susan R. and Jim C. Lewis
Chris and Melody Malachowsky
Gregory Marcus and Rachel Kindt
Marie Donner Revocable Trust
Edward Mentzer
Rodney and Olivia Miller
Moore Family Foundation
James Neupert
David and Mamie Norman
John O’Farrell and Gloria Principe
Geoff and Jill Parker
Peninsula Health Care District
Joe and Lynn Pinto
Tom and JoAnn Prescott
Laurel Rezeau
Erich J. Rusch and Dana Ramiah
Kenneth Ryan
SAGA Foundation
Robert Salvagno and Liz Padilla
Robert Sawyer
Thomas Schmutz and Amy Larson
Omar Tawakol and Bothaina Salama
The Alleluia Fund
The Jan Leschly Giving Fund
The Khachaturian Foundation
The Martin Family
The Moca Fund
The Murphy Family
The Oshima Uenten Foundation
The Thorin Fund
Tiede Family Trust
William van Melle and Patricia Ho
Doug and Nora Voorhies
Wells Fargo Foundation
Peter and Deborah Wexler
William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
Peter and Georgia Windhorst
Thomas Wolf

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Anonymous (21)
Ken Abrams
Debra Ameerally and Timonthy Evans
Arcadia Foundation
Archer Family Foundation
David and Donna Arnold
William Athas and Rachelle Grabowski
Martin Baccaglio
Mark and Laura Bailey
Edward and Jimi Barnholt
Joel and Wendy Bartlett
BASE Family Fund
Marimo Berk *
Mark Jon Bluth
Cheryl and Ken Branson
Eric K. Butler and Suzanne L. Rocca-Butler
California Association of Food Banks
Claire Maria Campodonico
Richard Capelouto and Gina Maya
John and Kyra Carswell
Ana P. Carvalho and Fernando C. Pereira
Lydia Chan
Hubert T. Chen and Tracy M. Tierney
David Cohen, Ph.D. and Ilana Cohen
Eli Collins and Alison Wong
Connie and Bob Lurie Foundation
Daniel and Linda Cooperman
Cupla Fund
Dauber Foundation
Gordon and Carolyn Davidson
Dhablania and Kim Family Fund
Jennifer and Phil DiNapoli
Mark Eliot and Kelly Moran
Carol and Lester Ezrati
James Fishkin and Shelley
Fisher Fishkin
Derek and Sally Freyberg
Jonathan and Susan Golovin
Tami and Dan Gordon
Yael Goshen and Dylan Smith
Joseph and Carol Grundfest
James and Kristy Hanson
Richard and Kathy Hawes
Ken Hirsch and Rebecca Long
Urs Hoelzle and Geeske Joel
Richard and Julie Hood
Jane E. Hussain
Intero Foundation Inc.
Yana and Mark Ivey
Jacques M. Littlefield Foundation
Chris Jaffe and Kate Karriker-Jaffe
Joshua and Elizabeth Kahn
Penelope and Brian Keifenheim
Badrinarayanan Kothandaraman
and Sangeetha Santhanam
Kruttschnitt Family Fund
Peter Lai
Lawlor Family Fund

Allison and Brian Lewis Jacobs
Holly Liu and Paulo Dutra
William and Elaine Lo
Valerie L. London
Glenn Louie
Dominic and Ronit Mazzoni
Colleen and Andrew McCreary
Robert J. and Felicia McGrew
Michael and Keiko Meyer
Robert and Margaret Miller
Debbie Milner
Jim and Joanne Mollerus
Lydia and Thomas Moran
Jim and Becky Morgan
Alyssa and Shane Owara
Madeleine Palacin
Greg and Laurie Papadopoulos
Martha and Earle Paul
Rita M. Paulose and Binu M. John
Richard and Jane Peattie
Mike and Jane Pharr
Burt W. Podbere and Donna W. Segal
Wolfgang and Gudrun Polak
Frank and Annette Rahn
Ananthakrishna Ramesh
Rhodes Family Trust
Ali and Suzanne Salehpour
Sand Hill Foundation
Sanders Dickinson Foundation
Siepmann Foundation
Charlie and Julie Simmons
SITA Foundation
Smith Family Foundation
Ben Smith and Diane Tang
Staple Family Fund
Robert J. Stets and Lena Lee
Bill and Linda Sullivan
Sutter Health
Norm Taffe and Julie Bennett
Barry Taylor and Libby Tyree-Taylor
The Bims Foundation
The Howard and Betty White Foundation
The Howard and Carolee White Foundation
The Sovereign Order of St. John
Theodore P. Chuffers Foundation
John and Sandi Thompson
Beth and Kurt von Emster
David and Aileen Wang
Deborah Waxman
Western Digital Foundation
Robert and Lisa Wheatley
Jim and Patty White
Bill and Janne Wissel
Bruce and Adrianne Wonnacott
Laure Woods
Brenda and Wade Woodson
Caleb J. and Johanna Wright

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Usman H. Abbasi
Sally M. Abel
Steven and Wendy Ackerman
Ali Alasti and Faezeh Ghaffari
Eric and Lauren Albert
Jeremy Allan
Jane Anderson and Tess Ayers
Joann Andrushko
Thomas and Kathryn Angioletti
Anthony M Alioto Trust
William and Jessica Arbaugh
Harvey and Nola Armstrong
Kathryn and R. David Arnold
David and Martha Arscott
Janet M. Arsenault
Paul Asente and Ron Jenks
Carla Asuka
Atkinson Foundation
Nathalie Auber
Jose Augusto and Claudia De Oliveira
Edward and Nancy Axelsen
Deborah Bailey
G. Leonard Baker and Mary Anne Nyburg Baker
Paul and Debbie Baker
Steven Baker and Marisa Bauer
Lucy Ballard
Jim and Heather Bankoski
Nicholas Baran
Frederick and Kathryn Baron
Ann Bartoloni
Ralph and Eileen Battat
Robert and Rebecca Beach
Scott and Phyllis Bedford
Charles and Jennifer Beeler
Dawn and Robert Belt
Kristi and Mark Berg
Eugene and Christine Bernardini
Barbara Bernstein
Jessica Betcher
Kurt and Sandy Betcher
Norbert and Inger Bischofberger
Peter and Ann Bjorklund
Erik and Shanon Bjornard
Daniel Blachman and Barbara Stewart
James Blackman
Richard Blamey and Virginia Wright
Susan Blanco
Montgomery and Corinne Blankenship
Gary and Judy Bloom
Brian S. and Elizabeth Boggs
David and Patricia Bogy
Sarah and Michael Bolin
Bonds Family Foundation
Christopher and Andrea Borch
Jeff and Donna Boss
Lisa Bourgeault
Steven Braithwaite and Wai Chan
Michael and Leslie Braun
Sindy Braun and Colleen Morris
Susan Breyer
Bruce & Marilyn Wallace Foundation
Mike and Diana Brzozowski
Douglas Buckley and Shelley Salpeter
Karn Budhiraj
Terri Bullock
Richard and Cindy Burgdorf
Burke-Moll Charitable Fund
Jason Buss and Jason Leong
Charitable Fund
Chris & Erica Cahill
California Foundation for Stronger Communities
Pia Camenzind
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the Driven To Care Philanthropic Program
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Sari and Blake McConnell
Wendy and Rob McDowell
Dennis McEvoy and Kim Worsencroft
Alison and Paul McKennon
Laureston and Barbara McLellan
Megaforce Corporation
Joan H. and Brian C. Mellea
Ryan Menezes
Andrea Metkus
Jeff Meyer and Heather Campbell
Theodore Meyer and Jay Minteer
Michael and Ina Korek Foundation Trust
Aron Miller
Milner Francini Family Foundation
Amanda Minami and David Chao
Edward Mitchell and Barbara Posch
The Mitsui U.S.A. Foundation
Jeffrey C. Mogul and Patricia S. Page
Larry and Nancy Mohr
Sara Moked
Riaz and Lily Moledina
Kenneth A. Moline and Jo Anne Vente
David and Karen Molumby
Christopher Monosmith
Michael and Rosemary Montemerlo
John Moore
Michael Morganstern
Rosalie Morosani and Paul Collacchi
Dean Morton
Angela Murch
Susan Murdy
Maurice and Donna Murphey
Andrew Murphy and Michelle Duffy
Stanley and Joan Myers
The Nasiri Foundation
Natembea Foundation
Artis Neville
New Beginnings Community Church
Bernie Newcomb and Gerry Marshall
Paul and Antje Newhagen
Michael and Laura Nibbi
Anne Nilsen
James Nissen and Droni Chuang Chiu
Clari M. Nolet and Ken Siegel
Sally and Craig Nordlund
James and Kathy Nulty
Mark O’Brien
Shawn O’Connor
Rory and Olive O’Driscoll
Brendan and Jeanette O’Flaherty
John Olmstead and Connie Brown
Erik and Jill Olson
Omar Family Charitable Fund
Gerald and JoAnn Opp
Larry Orr and Nicole Lederer
Gregory and Candace W. Osborn
Ameesh P. and Supriya A. Oza
Natalie Pageler, M.D. and Thomas Pageler
Rajat and Laura Paharia
Pando Fund
Joe and Frances Pao
John Parissenti and Linda Yufong Chin
So Yong Park and Brian Byun
Mark and Diane Parnes
Leslie and Lynn Pasahow
Therese Pasquesi and Niels Provos
David Pasta
Amit and Vicky Patel
Ilesh and Grishma Patel
Pankaj Patel
Mr. James L. Patterson
Paul Family Survivor’s Trust
Chien-Hsiung and Yuchuan C. Peng
Gillian Peoples
Drew Perkins
Allen Perris
Elizabeth Peters and Jon Sakoda
Joe Petersack and Joanne Kanow
William and Diane Piedemonte
Michael and Mary Ann Pietro
Scott Pine
Steve and Kathy Polzin
Heather and Brian Porter
Norma Quickert
Matthew and April Quilter
Paul and Lee Quintana
Saba Qureshi
Gary and Arline Radine
Raghuram Family Fund
Raitz Giving Fund
RAMP Foundation
Randie Lynn Baruh
Research Foundation
Sylvia F. Rathbun
Peter and Kate Rathmann
Gordon R. Ray, M.D.
Raymond Hunt
Charitable Fund
Christopher and Mikel Re
Lisa and David Renner
Paul Resch and Nancy Coleman
Richard and Jean Coyne Family Foundation
Richard and Virginia Strock Family Fund
R. Henry and Jean Richards
Hayden Ridenour and Bala Subramanian
Cecilia Rinard
Zack and Orli Rinat
Gerald and Jenny Risk
Robert Family Foundation
Alexander P. Robertson
Ernest Arthur Robertson
William S. Robinson, Jr.
Rod Bagg Charitable Fund
Keith E. Rogers and Harumi Hatada
William and Hilary Roman
David and Elizabeth Rome
Katie and Preston Roper
Rhonda Rosales and Jeffrey Hirschman
Susan S. Rosenberg
Jeff and Mary Rosenberger
Frank Rosenblum
Dan and Linda Rosensweig
Ronald and Dolores Roseveare
Christine L. Ross and Robert S. Tuber
Robert Roston
Rotary Club of San Jose
Rotary Club of San Mateo
Gaye Russell-Bruce and Donald Bruce
Jane and Jonathan Rytina
Antonio and Elizabeth Sabado
John Sabella
JoAnne M. Sabo
Chris and Anna Saccheri
Anshul and Anshu Sadana
Richard Saller, Ph.D.
San Bruno Community Foundation
San Mateo County Deputy Sheriff’s Association
Philip Sanfilippo
Richard and Debra Sanzi
Anthony and Gwendy Scampavia
Michael and Katherine Scandling
Benjamin Schafer
Denise and Ray Scheaffer
William and Marilee Schroeder
Oliver and Sabine Schusser
Jodi Marie Schwartz and Robert Hawk
Alan and Judith Schwettman
Michael and Vanessa Sciacchetano
Eric and Caroline Sekercan
Sequoia Consulting Group
Abigail and David Setti
Shoma and Prasad Setty
Sharon Severns
Woody and Denise Shackleton
Bob Shaw and Maureen McLaughlin
Mike W. Sherwood
Samson and Reva Shilmover
Bill and Joanne Sholes
Greg and Susan Sickal
Paul and Kathleen Sidenblad
Jeff and Naomi Silk
Laird and Dawn Simons
Roma and Ron Simpson
SKB Foundation
Frank and Brenda Slootman
Benjamin Smith and Honor Hsin
Isiah and Christine Smith
Todd and Sandy Smith
Carol Smythe
Michael and Maria Solomon
Pravin Soni and Amy Wurtzburger
Michelle and David Southwick
Soren Spies and Xinh Huynh
Suzanne Spitz
Andrew and Heather Steingruebl
John Stephenson
Tom and Nancy Stevens
Duane and Ann Stevenson
Albert and Anne Stewart
Ann and Joe Stockwell
Gregory and Christina Stovall
Randall and Ellen Stross
Eli Sugarman and Aparna Sridhar
Emily Sun
John and Dee Suppes
Patricia Suppes
Daniel and Karen Swanson
Thomas H. and Brooks G. Szolyga
Srinivas Tallapragada and Sreevalli Doddasomayajula
Donald and Sandra Tamm
Oliver Tavakoli and Jo Anne Harriman
Ahmed Tawashi
Jeff and Barbara Taylor
William and Janice Terry
The Burt and Barbara Foundation
The Byrd Family
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
The Coolest Thing We Could Fund
The Donahue-Poon Family Fund
The Helen and Jack McCullough Family Foundation
The Kelleher Family Fund
The Lee 2014 Revocable Trust
The McJannet Family Fund
The McMurtry Family Foundation
The Mervyn L. Brenner Foundation, Inc.
The Schmitz-Fromherz Family Fund
The Scott Foundation
The W.F. and Marie A. Batton Foundation
William D. Smythe Family Foundation
The Yael and Itamar Simonson Fund
Jeffrey and Catherine Thermond
Andrea and Joe Thomas
Melinda Thomas
Robert and Michelle Thomas
Amy and Andrew Thornborrow
Charles and Andrea Thurber
Tock Family
Timothy and Sally Tomlinson
Andrew and Stephanie Towell
Mark Tracy
Thad and Kathleen Trent
Diane Trombetta
Benjamin Trumbull
Ariel and Anna Tseitlin
Amy Tucker and Tara Vanderveer
Michael W. Greenfield and Elaine W. Uang
Raziel, Hava and Max Ungar
United Methodist Women
Irene Urbanek-Ruiz and Pedro J. Ruiz
Randall Vagelos and Julie Anne Wissink
Gary and Janice Valenzuela
Hal and Carol Varian
Darrell C. Vogt
Mark von Zastrow
Ami Vora
Wadhwani Charitable Foundation
Carl and Gabrielle Wakeland
Bob and Gail Walker
Walmart Foundation
Catherine Warrick and Joseph Buttle
Margaret Warton and Steve Benting
Nick and Sarah Washburn
Susan Wasson
Greg and Carolyn Waters
Stanley Watt
Daniel Weaver and Katie Goetz
Mark and Cynthia Weeks
David and Twyla Weinberg
Ollie Mae Welch
Kristin Welter
Ann Wengert
Tom and Suzanne Werner
John and Judith R. West
Western Alliance Community Foundation
Carolee White
William and Sarah White
Jim S. and Rosalia Whitehead
William H. Cilker Family Foundation
Margaret Williams
Susan Schmitt Winchester
Patrick Windham and Arati Prabhakar
Duncan and Tanya Winn
Bruce Winterhof
Lotus Wong
Jon and Tiffany Woodruff
Jane Woodward
Lichun Yang
Warren Yang and Jung Yoon
John L. Yee
Youk’s Kids
Bill and Jennifer Youstra
David Yuan and Grace Yang Yuan
John Zappettini
Carolyn and Jeffrey Zeisler
Zhao Family Fund

*Denotes For the Kids Council Member


Thank You to Members of the Second Harvest Legacy Society

One donor’s legacy: from her escape to her lasting impact of hope

My mother, Marie Donner, passed away on September 17, 2020. As a very young child, she barely escaped perishing in the Holocaust, having been rescued and placed on a Kindertransport to London. During that time in her life, she suffered from not only the terrors of Nazism and the bombing of London, but also hunger and starvation. She never forgot the generous few who gave her food when she was starving and cared enough about others to share what little they had with those who had even less.

It was her wish to leave some part of her estate to your food bank, to help others who face hunger and food insecurity. On behalf of my mother and on my own accord, I would like to thank you personally for all that you do to assist others who are hungry. I hope and it was her hope that this token of her appreciation and regard can do something for those you serve, to make some people’s lives better and to offer the hope of a better time, as was done for her.


Sincerely yours,
Michael B. Donner
Trustee, Marie Donner RVOC-TR

Marie Donner was Jewish and grew up in Linz, Austria in the 1930s. At eight years old, Marie escaped severe food rations, attacks on Jews and Kristallnacht through the Kindertransport to London.

My mother loved to eat. My brother and I both learned how to cook from our mother. She really liked to go to places that served really big portions. She liked the idea of taking the leftovers home and freezing them. I think that’s the holdover of the trauma of starvation.

Michael Donner, Marie’s son

Legacy Society Members

Anonymous (30)
Carla Ada Trust
Anthony M Alioto *
Richard Andrews
Jane Anderson and Tess Ayers
Archer Family Foundation
David & Donna Arnold
Fred J. Bedard
Norm Taffe and Julie Bennett
Billings Living Trust *
Kenneth Bigler
Carol D. Blackman *
Jeffery Johns and Bonita Lane
Eva K. Breyer *
Robert and Nancy Bridge
William and Donna Burke
Richard L. Bush
John Carver
Lauretta Cappiello *
Pia Chamberlain and Ruth Saldivar
Mei M. Chen
Robert H Cheney *
Michael G. Chow
James (Jim) Chu *
Anne and Terry Clark
Diana Davey
Dana L. Dickinson
Diane Diggins
Dr. and Dr. Dimery
Hrishikesh Divate
Patricia Dolan
Gene and Cindy Domecus
Marie Donner *
Drekmeier Family Trust *
John U. Dunse *
E & L Charitable Giving

Marilyn Edelstein
Edwin M. Kinderman Trust *
Natalie Elefant
Fan Lisa Feng
Kevin and Celeste Ford
Bob and Ronda Fraser
Jeffrey and Julia Gallinat
Allen A. Ginsling & Rachael Goldstein Trust
Stella B. Gross *
Eloise Harris
Lauren Hailey
Marisue Hansen
David and Sharon Hoyt
Sara Hojjat
Michael Horn *
Gary Isoardi
Barbara Jones Memorial Fund *
Larry and Patricia Jones
Gregory and Barbara Jones
Janine Kovac
Greg M. Krodel
Elsie A. Landseth *
Frank L. Lanza *
Cate Levings
Jack and Carolyn Lewis
Adriana Leyva
Betty Lin*
Valentina M. Lombardi
Matt and Rebecca Lowell
Lynn and Joe Pinto Family Foundation
Jacob and Andrea Malae
Edward Mocarski and Christine Martens

Ruth Martinez
Kevin M. McCoy
Dawn McDaniel
Sarah McGregor
Diane E. Moore
Anthony J. and
Jeanne E. Muzzicato *
James Neupert
Ruth Nilmeier
Debbie Norton
Norris Family Charitable Fund
R.H. O’Grady
Agnes Paccagnini *
Tisa M. Pedersen
Pei K. Peng
Allen H Perris *
Patience Putnam
Indrani Samarawickrama
Clare Sinanian
Claro and Editha Soberano *
Teresa L. Spalding
Katie Stivers
George J. Sullivan *
Garry and Suzanne Lim
The Jossi Family Trust
Mary Sue & Dan Thomas
Tiede Family Trust
Onnolee and Orlin Trapp
Catherina J Ude *
Steve and Tammy Ursenbach
Thomas and Amanda Warner
Wayne P. Westerman Trust *
Cynthia Williams
Patricia F. Winter

* Deceased


Thank You to Our Outstanding Corporate Supporters!

In revenue, helping to provide enough food for nearly 36M meals
Corporate Donors

2020-2021 Revenue and Expenses

Pre-COVID, only 5% of our funding came from government sources. Pandemic-related funding increased that percentage, however most of our funding still came from private sources. We anticipate significantly less government funding in the future.

Annual Funding Sources

  • 65% Individual
  • 14% Corporations
  • 12% Government
  • 9% Foundations & Organizations


Individual Donors $82,533,767
Corporations $17,988,615
Government Funding $15,620,076
Foundations $9,367,974
Organizations $1,974,809
Subtotal $127,485,241
Donated food and in-kind contributions $192,104,175
Total Operating Revenue* $319,589,416
*This Revenue does not include the following:
Board Designated Endowment Fund $4,927,207
Investment Gains/Losses $10,955,514
Others (Accounting & Related Revenue) $155,631
Total Non-Operating Revenue $16,038,352
Total Revenue $335,627,768

Annual Operating Expenses

  • 95% Programs/Food Distribution
  • 3% Fundraising
  • 2% Management


Programs/Food Distribution $264,987,582
Fundraising $6,868,457
Management $6,671,583
Total Operating Expenses $278,527,622

Net Assets

Net Assets* $181,458,056
*This figure includes value of food on hand as of June 30, 2021. Our Board of Directors has earmarked some of our surplus funds as reserves meant to cover six months of operating expenses if necessary. Some of our surplus funds will also be used in the years ahead to cover any funding gaps we may experience as we expect the level of need to remain high for years to come.

2020-2021 Board of Directors

Merry Ayres
Senior Manager, Strategy and Programs, Coupa

David Babulak
Managing Director, Strongpoint Holdings

Leslie Bacho
CEO, Second Harvest of Silicon Valley

Brian Birtwistle
Chief Product Officer, Indigo Ag

Pastor Paul Bains
President and Co-founder, Project WeHOPE

Susan Blanco
Managing Partner, Capital Clarity

Mark Chandler
Chief Legal Officer, Cisco (Retired)

Chris Cook
Volunteer and Philanthropist

Ellen Drew
Volunteer and Philanthropist

Erin Hoffmann
Technologist and Philanthropist

Josh Kahn
Vice President and General Manager,
Platform Business Unit, ServiceNow

Colleen McCreary
Chief People Officer, Places & Publicity Officer,
Credit Karma

Venk Nathamuni
Vice President, Corporate Finance, Arista Networks

Richard Svec
Senior Vice President, Construction Services Group, Alliant Insurance Services, Inc.