Inflation Hinders Recovery

Annual Report 2021-2022

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Uneven Recovery and Rising Need

Over the last year, we began seeing the long-term impact of the pandemic.

COVID-19 made income inequality in Silicon Valley even more pronounced. Families trying to recover from the financial devastation of months of lost income had little or no savings to help them weather even the smallest setback. Families and seniors on fixed incomes were faced with the new challenge of unprecedented fuel and food price increases, leaving more and more of our neighbors struggling to pay their rent and still put food on the table.

As inflation soared and pandemic support programs ended, many turned to Second Harvest of Silicon Valley for help. Starting in March 2022, we jumped from serving an average of 400,000 people a month to an average of 450,000 per month — the biggest surge in need since the peak of the pandemic.

It’s only through community support and the tireless efforts of our partners, volunteers and staff that we have continued to make sure that anyone needing our help can get it. Thank you for supporting Second Harvest and the hundreds of thousands of neighbors who rely on us for nutritious food every month.

Leslie Bacho, CEO, Second Harvest of Silicon Valley

Fiscal Year 2021-2022 by the Numbers

People per month*, increasing to 450,000 starting in March 2022
0 M
Pounds of food per month* vs. 5.75M pounds of food/month pre-pandemic
0 +
Drive-thru grocery distributions vs. 3 drive-thrus pre-pandemic
0 +
Home deliveries to households per month* vs. 1,000 households/month pre-pandemic
Second Harvest trucks vs. 21 trucks pre-pandemic
Warehouses operating nearly 24 hours a day vs. 3 warehouses pre-pandemic
* FY21/22 monthly averages

Our Partners

Second Harvest is at the center of the charitable food distribution system in Silicon Valley, supplying fresh food through nearly 400 partner agencies at more than 900 sites across Santa Clara and San Mateo counties. Our partners include soup kitchens, affordable housing sites, rehabilitation centers, shelters, schools, colleges, libraries, senior centers, medical clinics and more.


Food is a source of stability in a time of uncertainty

The pandemic was devastating for many of our clients, and it will take years for our community to recover. Families, seniors, individuals and college students are struggling to make ends meet as prices of goods continue rising. Food from Second Harvest offered a critical source of nutrition and peace of mind to our clients who know that free, nutritious groceries are always available when they need them. While so much about the state of our economy and the lasting effects of the pandemic are still uncertain, Second Harvest ensures that anyone who needs access to healthy food can get it.

In a survey from Second Harvest clients:

of respondents had less than $100 in savings at the time of the survey.
of respondents said they feel able to provide healthier food for their family because of Second Harvest.
of respondents said they feel less stress when they receive free groceries from Second Harvest.

Client Stories

Working Mother of Two Still Needs Food Assistance

Sulma, Client | San Mateo

Sulma watches her 10-month-old and five-year-old kids during the day while her niece watches them at night. Sulma works as an office custodian in the evenings, and her partner, Elmer, works two full-time jobs. With the food she gets from Second Harvest she can cook herself soup to keep hydrated while she is breastfeeding. She regularly prepares healthy vegetable pupusas for her son in the morning because he loves them.

“Thank God [my partner] was able to keep working at his jobs [during the pandemic]. I had to ask for two loans to help him. And I am now deep in debt. What I earn is not much. Little by little, we will get out of the hole.”

Single Dad Trying to Provide for His Son

Freddy & Jeremy, Clients | Daly City

Freddy is a single dad raising his nine-year-old son, Jeremy. They live in a two-bedroom apartment with another family and they are all regular clients of Second Harvest. Freddy prepares dinner for Jeremy nightly, and since the pandemic began, he has embraced saving money by taking leftovers to work the next day. Freddy’s deep bond with his son makes it harder to be away from Jeremy while at work.

“I’ve never seen these gas prices before and for so many, including myself, going out to work outside of my community has affected me. We limit ourselves in buying many things. I’m just hoping things get better.”

College Senior Struggling with Food Insecurity

C.J., Client | San Jose

Originally from Stockton, C.J. left his parents and two younger brothers to be the first in his family to pursue a college education. As a student at San Jose State University, he has experienced housing struggles, food insecurity and mounting bills. He works for San Jose Cares, the organization that runs the SJSU Spartan Food Pantry, and as a barista at the Food Pantry Café. C.J. says the reason he wanted to work at the pantry is that it was the place that helped him when he was first struggling with food insecurity.

“It’s definitely hard to see students facing food insecurity experience a domino effect on their mental, physical and social well-being.”

Ukrainian-American Grandmother Delighted by Free Groceries

Ludmila, Client | Mountain View

Ludmila is a retired Ukrainian-American living in Mountain View and is delighted to get her free groceries from Second Harvest every Tuesday. Ludmila was a chef in Kharkiv, Ukraine, in small restaurants and cafes. Since the war in Ukraine broke out, she had been crying every day worrying about her daughter, who fled Ukraine with her 4-year-old son. In May 2022, her daughter and grandson arrived to live with Ludmila. She is looking forward to showing her daughter and grandson how nice and beautiful life can be in Mountain View.

Answering the Call
Helping Those in Need

Calls to our Food Connection hotline surged as pandemic support programs ended and inflation continued rising. Our multilingual team answered inquiries from new, existing and returning clients who sacrificed their food budgets paying for gas to get to work. Clients received referrals to food assistance programs, got help applying for CalFresh and found peace of mind knowing they could access fresh groceries and still afford to stay housed.

Inquiries received by our Food Connection hotline
CalFresh applications submitted
Additional meals provided through approved CalFresh applications

Food Connection Stories

Staff Helps Clients Overwhelmed by Rising Prices

Will, Food Connection Hotline Specialist

“Our callers live paycheck by paycheck. They will break down their monthly expenses for us. Let’s say they have $1,000 and $900 is needed for rent. If their rent goes up by $100, then they don’t have money anymore for their groceries. That’s when we come into the picture.”

Phone Hotline Staff Providing Vital Support to Our Clients

Aaron Asilo, Food Connection Outreach Coordinator

“There is just a consistency that I hear in calls. I always get something every day like, ‘Oh man, the prices are insane,’ whether it’s about gas or store prices. Every week and every day I hear that.”

Helping Seniors Gives This Staff Member a New Perspective

True Nguyen, Food Connection Specialist

“I see the most hope in our seniors who get approved for CalFresh. They are so excited about everything. They say, ‘I got approved! I’m going to eat good now!’”

Former Client Now Serving Her Community

Claribel Chavez, Food Connection Medical Coordinator

“When I’m on the phone with clients and the county office for CalFresh applications, I love fighting for our clients. I know if they were on their own, they would just give up because they don’t know what to ask. I feel proud that I am able to get people their benefits.”

Volunteers Power Work

The community showed up every day, volunteering to serve our clients. We welcomed a diverse cohort of dedicated volunteers including individuals and community, faith-based and corporate groups who consistently helped us keep up with the soaring demand for our services.

Volunteer hours valued at $5.49M, the equivalent of 104 full-time employees.
Additional hours of service provided by the San Jose Conservation Corps, the equivalent of 94 full-time employees.

Volunteer Finds Calling Serving His Community

Faatamala Toa, Volunteer, San Jose/Alviso

Toa was born in Samoa. When he first got to San Jose in 1968, it was nothing but orchards. He has been volunteering at the free food pantry in Alviso for about nine years. He recently became the distribution on-site coordinator. Toa says they have been able to offer much more variety and volume in food since partnering with Second Harvest. His faith in God and his love for his community have been the main reasons he has continued to volunteer.

“It’s something about giving and helping out that’s totally different from any other job I’ve had. To see the smile on people’s faces and to see how they appreciate just what little you have to give them…it’s amazing.”

Retired Farm Workers Give Back by Volunteering

Carmen & Ignacio, Volunteers and Clients, Half Moon Bay

Carmen and Ignacio are retired farmworkers with 20 years of experience in the fields. They’ve been volunteering at the free grocery distribution in Pescadero for more than two years. Their son, Tony (left), organizes the distribution, and they sometimes take food home after volunteering. They both still work at produce farms three to four months out of the year for extra money. It takes them 30 minutes to drive from their home to the distribution site, but despite the expense, they feel compelled to help their community.

“Gas is very expensive right now, but we must do this, we need to make an effort for the people who need us.” – Ignacio

Stay-at-Home Dad Finds Purpose in Volunteering

Seth Adkins, Volunteer, Emergency Home Delivery Driver

Monday to Friday, you can find Seth loading up his car with boxes of food from Second Harvest’s warehouse in San Carlos. He is a stay-at-home dad that found his calling serving his community by volunteering as one of our emergency home delivery drivers. Seth is like a light of positivity, and our clients and staff regularly comment on how good they feel when they meet him. Seth says volunteering with us is his calling and he sees how his efforts are immediately impacting his community.

“It has really checked off something in my life that I was missing.”

Husband and Wife Team Believes Volunteering Starts Local

John Guthery & Aubree Hoepper, Volunteer Super Sorters

John and Aubree are a married couple who live just a five-minute walk from our Cypress warehouse. When the pandemic began and they saw on the news how many people were lining up for food, they wanted to do more for their community. They are now both Second Harvest “super sorters,” which means they have each volunteered more than 50 hours sorting and boxing produce. Each box they fill contains about 25 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables, with one pallet consisting of 60 boxes. Their record is loading 12 pallets in one night – 720 boxes!

Sourcing 130 Million Pounds

We continued to leverage all available food resources to help ensure that anyone who needed a nutritious meal could get one. Amid supply chain shortages, rising inflation and reduced federal support, our team focused efforts on obtaining rescued and donated food and taking advantage of large-volume, bulk purchases for highly sought-after staples like milk, eggs and protein. Most of the food we source is donated, and last year we rescued more than 75 million pounds of high-quality food from growers and retailers that might have gone to waste. By maximizing our food resources, we are able to consistently provide our clients with a nutritious mix of fresh produce, lean protein, dairy and whole grains.

“Dealing with inflation and supply chain disruptions the last couple of years has been really brutal. We always strive to provide our clients with a consistent, nutritious mix of groceries, despite the challenges.”

Barbara Gehlen, Second Harvest Director of Food Sourcing

Strengthening Our Community Against Hunger

Our advocacy team worked to strengthen government systems that protect low-income households from food insecurity as food and gas prices soared. Advocating at the state and federal levels, we helped ensure that CalFresh remained a strong support for neighbors experiencing food insecurity in addition to free groceries we provide. We vigorously advocated for the Universal Meals Program, which was signed into law on July 9, 2021, ensuring six million public school students in California have access to free breakfast and lunch.

“Universal meals have impacted our district in so many ways. They really eliminate the stigma around kids who are labeled free, reduced and paid. That’s just a huge burden children have to deal with when they’re going through the line."– June Richardson, General Manager/Consultant, Ravenswood City School District

More children in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties now able to eat free breakfast and lunch at school thanks to Universal Meals.

Virtual Food Drives Help Fight Hunger

Last year, supporters created nearly 370 virtual food drive fundraisers on behalf of Second Harvest. Children, families, businesses, schools, churches and other groups all did incredible things to help build a hunger-free community. These fundraisers and their supporters raised nearly $1.9 million, helping to provide enough food for more than 3.7 million meals.

Learn more about Virtual Food Drives

Indian Dance School Teaches About the Joy of Giving

Guru Shradha

The dance students at Guru Shradha, an Indian classical dance institution in Palo Alto, wanted to give back to their community in a big way. They used their recital as a fundraiser and raised over $10,000 — helping to provide enough food for more than 20,000 meals!

“We had a surplus in our budget and our Board of Directors thought it would be most meaningful to contribute in a meaningful way to our community at large to especially help those in need.” – Niharika Mohanty, Founder-Director, Guru Shradha

Virtual Talent Show Raises Spirits and Money

Hillview Middle School Virtual Talent Show Fundraiser

When the students and teachers at Hillview Middle School in Menlo Park decided to make their talent show virtual, they used it as an opportunity to help their neighbors by making the event a fundraiser for Second Harvest. The show, which featured performances from students and teachers along with shoutouts from celebrities like San Francisco Giants player Hunter Pence, raised an incredible $23,665 (nearly four times their goal of $6,000!) to help provide more than 47,000 meals to those struggling with hunger during the pandemic.

Stanford’s Big Game Makes a Big Difference

“The Big Game,” Stanford Virtual Food Drive Fundraiser

The “Big Game” is a Cal Berkeley-Stanford University football rivalry that has been played since 1892. Stanford Athletics decided to use it as an opportunity to put together a promotion to fight food insecurity in Silicon Valley. It set up a “Big Game Big Difference” virtual food drive with a QR code that was shared at all athletic games the week leading up to the Big Game. The drive was a success, raising over $4,000 and helping to provide more than 8,100 meals.


Thank You to Our Fiscal Year 2021-2022 Major Supporters

Our fiscal year is July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022. Please note this list does not include Capital Campaign gifts.

Anonymous (2)
Gino Addiego
Anne Wojcicki Foundation
Chronicle Season of Sharing Fund
David and Lucile Packard Foundation
John and Eileen Donahoe *
Feeding America
Erin Hoffmann and Michael Schroepfer *
Khosla Family *

Reid Hoffman Foundation*
Jeff and Marieke Rothschild
Sheryl Sandberg and Tom Bernthal *
Sergey Brin Family Foundation
Stanford Health Care
Sunlight Giving
The Benificus Foundation *
The Strongpoint Foundation *
Troper Wojcicki Foundation

* Denotes For The Kids Council Member

Anonymous (16)
Eric A. Anderson
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Brook and Shawn Byers *
Du and Sarah Chai
Chizen Family Foundation
Anne and Terry Clark
Bill and Tammy Crown *
Aart de Geus and Esther John
Delta Dental Community Care Foundation
Kathleen Donohue and David Sze
John and Ellen Drew *
Kenneth and Jennifer Duda
Eustace-Kwan Family Foundation
Robert and Robin Fox
Robert Friedman
Genentech Foundation
George H. Sandy Foundation
M Rameen Ghorieshi, M.D., M.P.H.
Steve and Colleen Hall
Eli and Britt Harari
Ward and Debbie Harriman *
Hopper Dean Family Fund
Hoven Family Foundation *
Kurt and Sue Jaggers *
John and Jacque Jarve
Rajeev Jayavant and Ana Mendez
Jeff and Karen Jordan
Kaiser Permanente
Northern California Community Benefit Programs
Koret Foundation

Justin Lo
Keith and Lisa Lucas
Edward Mentzer
Moore Family Foundation
Gordon and Betty Moore Fund
John O’Farrell and Gloria Principe
Anjali and Sundar Pichai
Geoff and Andrea Ralston *
Robin and Jake Reynolds *
Charles and Paige Robbins
TJ Rodgers and Valeta Massey
Mindy and Jesse Rogers
Ronald and Ann Williams Charitable Foundation
RSMcDowell Fund
Safeway Foundation
Philipp and Andrea Schindler *
Sequoia Healthcare District
Paul and Kathleen Sidenblad
Sobrato Family Foundation
Mark Stevens and Mary Murphy
The Braddi Family Living Trust
The Buchheit Philanthropy Fund
The Grove Foundation
The Khachaturian Foundation
The Sullivan Family Trust *
The William G. Irwin Charity Foundation
TOSA Foundation
Onnolee and Orlin Trapp
Jeffrey and Holly Ullman
Fermi Wang and Jean Aida Kung
Warmenhoven Family Foundation

* Denotes For The Kids Council Member

Anonymous (14)
Archer Family Foundation
Paul Asente and Ron Jenks
Norbert and Inger Bischofberger
Ann Bowers
Katherine S. and T. Robert Burke
Sarah A. Cahill
Paul and Judy Carmichael
Carol Moss Foundation
Eli Collins and Alison Wong
William and Bridget Coughran
Davidson Family Foundation
Sunil and Margo Dhaliwal
Connie and Gary Dickerson
Dotson Family Fund
El Camino Healthcare District
Carol and Lester Ezrati
Rodney Ferguson and Kathleen Egan
Forssell-Holbrook Family Charitable Fund
Scott and Molly Forstall
Christy Goralnik & Kevin Spain
Lisa and Adam Halpern
Jay and Mikey Hoag
Hurlbut-Johnson Charitable Trusts
Michael Jacobson and Trine Sorensen
Jacques M. Littlefield Foundation
Sharon Juang and Paul Chiu
Joan Kjemtrup
Steven Kleiman and Helen Bradley
Martha Lemos

Leslie Family Foundation
Josh and Sara Leslie
Susan R. and Jim C. Lewis
Chris and Melody Malachowsky
Patricia Mann
Jeffrey Mayer and Tacy Witter
Colleen and Andrew McCreary
Andrew and Judith Mendelsohn
Michael and Keiko Meyer
Michael and Rosemary Montemerlo
Rosalie Morosani and Paul Collacchi
Geoff and Jill Parker
Peninsula Health Care District
Joe and Lynn Pinto
Burt Podbere and Donna Segal
Laurel Rezeau
SAGA Foundation
Robert Salvagno and Liz Padilla
Thomas Schmutz and Amy Larson
Lonnie and Cheryl Smith
The Oshima Uenten Foundation
The Ré Family
William van Melle and Patricia Ho
Bob and Gail Walker
Peter and Deborah Wexler
Peter and Georgia Windhorst
Bill and Janne Wissel
Thomas Wolf
Laure Woods

Anonymous (21)
Debra Ameerally and Timothy Evans
Arcadia Foundation
David and Donna Arnold
William Athas and Rachelle Grabowski
Jim and Heather Bankoski
Edward and Jimi Barnholt
Carol Bartz and Bill Marr
Dawn and Robert Belt
Adony and Rebecca Beniares
Marc and Geneen Benoit
Brian Birtwistle and Julie Bornstein *
Mark Jon Bluth
Sarah and Michael Bolin
Cheryl and Ken Branson
John T. Brookes and Kelly A. Meldrum
Pamela Buckley and Michael Reitsma
Bruce Campbell
Richard Capelouto and Gina Maya
Katherine Carroll and Alison L. Rosenthal
Ana P. Carvalho and Fernando C. Pereira
Mark D. and Elizabeth Centoni
Shashi Chilappagari and Swapna Bhuvanagiri
Christensen Family Foundation
Douglas and Shannon Cogen
David Cohen, Ph.D. and Ilana Cohen
Rodger and Kathy Cole
Daryl Coleman
Catherine Corrigan and Jerry Buday
Gordon and Carolyn Davidson
Caroline De Nardi
Dhablania and Kim Family Fund
James and June Diller
Jennifer and Phil DiNapoli
Dupuis Family Charitable Fund
Mark Eliot and Kelly Moran
Michael and Kimberly Ferry
Krista and Matthew Glotzbach
Diane Gosney and Allison Chang
Charlene D. and Joseph H. Grady, Jr.
Joseph and Carol Grundfest
William and Barbara Heil
Andrew Hirsch and Nina Brooks
Dr. Michael and Anne Hochberg
Urs Hoelzle and Geeske Joel
Barbara Hugli-Jones and Christopher Jones
Yana and Mark Ivey
Kailash and Komala Kailash
Poppy and Brian Keifenheim
Vach and Jacintha Kompella
Alexei Kosut, Laura Back and Henry Kosut-Back
Kruttschnitt Family Fund
Rene A. Lacerte and Joyce Chung
Peter Lai
Tom and Patti Larkins
Laura and Gary Lauder
Edward and Patricia Laveroni
Blake Lawit and Marlena Jacobs
Lawlor Family Fund
Bruce Leak and Sandra Fairon
Allison Lewis-Jacobs and Brian D. Jacobs
Christine and Stanley Lieu

William and Elaine Lo
William Lock and Kathie Lee
Steven Martello and Karen Riley
Michael McAweeney and Karen Jaffe-McAweeney
John and Michele McNellis
Rodney and Olivia Miller
Edward Mocarski and Christine Martens
Jim and Joanne Mollerus
Lydia and Thomas Moran
Eric Morse and Danielle deBrier
Andrew Murphy and Michelle Duffy
James Neupert
Bernie Newcomb and Gerry Marshall
David and Mamie Norman
Gerald and JoAnn Opp
Larry Orr and Nicole Lederer
Alyssa and Shane Owara
Natalie Pageler, M.D. and Thomas Pageler
Greg and Laurie Papadopoulos
Amit and Vicky Patel
Rita M. Paulose and Binu M. John
Richard and Jane Peattie
Alexis Petru and Eric Ball
Mike and Jane Pharr
Wolfgang and Gudrun Polak
Adriana Porter and Mark Felt
Cecilia Rinard
Chris Ross and Bob Tuber
Kenneth Ryan
Ali and Suzanne Salehpour
Sand Hill Foundation
Sanders Dickinson Foundation
Robert Sargent
Robert Sawyer
Woody and Denise Shackleton
Siepmann Foundation
Julie Simmons
Benjamin Smith and Honor Hsin
Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation
Robert J. Stets and Lena Lee
Mark and Mary Stevens
Sutter Health
Norm Taffe and Julie Bennett
Omar Tawakol and Bothaina Salama
Jeff and Barbara Taylor
The Howard and Betty White Foundation
The Howard and Carolee White Foundation
The McMurtry Family Foundation
The Mercury News Wish Book Fund
John and Sandi Thompson
TOSA Foundation
Dyann Tresenfeld and Ed Waldrup
Beth and Kurt von Emster
Doug and Nora Voorhies
Ami Vora
David and Aileen Wang
Wells Fargo Foundation
William and Noreen West
Michelle G. Winner and Pamela Crooke
Bruce Winterhof
Niyati and Jay Yagnik
Yen Chuang Foundation

* Denotes For The Kids Council Member

Anonymous (68)
Usman H. and Amira N. Abbasi
Robert and Denise Aitken
Ali Alasti and Faezeh Ghaffari
Eric and Lauren Albert
Jeremy Allan and Tara Moran
Jane Anderson and Tess Ayers
Joann Andrushko
Harvey and Nola Armstrong
Atkinson Foundation
Robert Aulgur
Gokhan and Esin Avkarogullari
Martin Baccaglio
Phyllis Baer
Deborah Bailey
Mark and Laura Bailey
Paul and Debbie Baker
Steven Baker and Marisa Bauer
Peter Bannon and Maura Considine
Troy and Rebecca Barbee
John A. Barclay and Erin Simms-Barclay
Annie and Jim Barnett
Ellen Jo Baron
Craig Barratt and Celia Oakley
Joel and Wendy Bartlett
Ann Bartoloni
BASE Family Fund
Ralph and Eileen Battat
William and Anne Battle
Allen Baum and Donna White
Joel and Anna Bauman
Robert and Rebecca Beach
Scott and Phyllis Bedford
Berg Charitable Gift Fund
Timothy Billups
Daniel C. Blachman and Barbara Stewart
Richard P. Blamey and Virginia Wright
Gary and Judy Bloom
Hillary and Peter Blum
Brian S. and Elizabeth Boggs
Bonds Family Foundation
Jeff and Donna Boss
Steven Braithwaite and Wai Chan
Michael A. and Leslie Braun
Sindy Braun and Colleen Morris
Duane Bretzke
Susan Breyer
Michael Broach
Christine M. and Daniel J. Bruckner
Lawrence and Betty Jane Bryan
Douglas Buckley and Shelley Salpeter
Terri Bullock
Richard and Victoria Burt
Catherine Warrick and Joseph Buttle
Matthew and Chelsea Byom
Jon and April Carlson
Martha Carpenter
Jack and Casey Carsten
Terrie Carver
David and Edith Cassel
Daniel and Jieun Chai
Hatcher E. Chalkley and Pat Hudson
Jeff Chambers and Andi Okamura *
Lionel and Lorraine Chan
Peter A. Chargin and Jennifer Kuhn
Armand and Micheline Chau
Jay and Prabhjot Chaudhry
Hubert T. Chen and Tracy M. Tierney
Theodore P. Chuffers Foundation
Carl and Kathleen Cilker
William H. Cilker, Jr. and Elizabeth Cilker
Claudia Coleman
Christopher B. Colohan and Lea D. Kissner
Spencer Commons and Martha Gates
Kai Compagner
Daniel and Linda Cooperman
Alison Cormack
Julian Cortella and Karen Grove
Mike and Ja’Nien Culver
Linda Curtis
Yogen and Peggy Dalal
Dauber Foundation
Duncan and Jean Davidson
Jose Augusto and Claudia De Oliveira
Rudolf de Rooij and Rachel Mahaffy
Ira and Gerard Dearing
Clay and Carol Del Secco
Jonathan Del Secco
Peter and Michelle Detkin
Sameer and Laura Dholakia
Janice M. Dingler
Geoffrey and Melinda Donaker
Donald B. Tanklage and Carole F. Tanklage Foundation
Julie K. Donnelly and Martin Connor
Mark and Mari Donnelly
James Dougherty
Bruce and Elizabeth Dunlevie
Dan and Sandra Durn
Richard Dvorak and Erin Craig
Edwards Foundation
Mary Jane Edwards
Eliot Family Fund
Shirley R. Ely
Jeffrey Englander and Sue Greenberg-Englander
Michael and Kirsten Esquivel
Lee Farrell
Peter and Mary Farrell
Alan Feinberg and Joan Weber
Steven and Helen Feinberg
Efraim and Eve Feinstein
Marianne Ferro and Craig Soldat
John D. Fiddes and Karen Talmadge
Allan and Joan Fisch
Ann Fleischer
Eric and Andrea Flint
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Sally Fong
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Julia K. Forbess
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Harrison and Anne Frahn
Freidenrich Family Foundation
Derek and Sally Freyberg
Karen Friday
Terry and Joseph Furgerson
Michael Gagliasso and Catherine Murphy
Michael Galles
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Reiner and Sonja Genevriere
Nancy Geschke
Jonathan and Emily Gibbs
Kevin and Noelle Gibbs
Raymond and Gladys Gilmartin
Lee and Marcia Ginsburg
Glass Fund
Autumn and Kevin Glisson
Mark Goldsmith and Anne Midler
Theodore C. Goldstein and Jessica Bernhardt
Jonathan and Susan Golovin
Cristos and Elizabeth Goodrow
Tami and Dan Gordon
Bindu and Devi Gottipati
Jonathan Goulden and Kwok Lau
Michael and Brigit Grimm
Grinstead Family Fund
Stanley and Joan Gross
Luann Guleserian
Eric and Elaine Hahn
Nancy Hahn
Denise and Kevin Hall
Dr. Graham Hamilton
Lis Hammel and Jonah Alben
Kathy Haranzo and Craig Russell
Harrington Family Foundation
Janet and Richard Hart
Birt Harvey
Richard and Kathy Hawes
Andrew Hawkins
Andrew and Susan Henry
Scott and Nancy Highton
Aaref and Fariha Hilaly
Melville and Jane Hodge
Michael R. and Jenny Holland
James and Julia Hong
Richard and Julie Hood
John Hornberger and Mary Rodgers
Daniel and Celia Huber
Lucy E. Huffman
John and Sylvia Hughes
Russell and Susan Hull
Jane E. Hussain
Richard and Judith Imperiale
Richard and Susan Jacobsen
Elizabeth E. Janopaul
Marguerite B. Janopaul and Marc M. Michel
Saul Jaspan
Marc and Rebecca Jedel
Evan and Ana Jernagan
John & Marcia Goldman Foundation
Barbara Jones Memorial Fund
Patricia and Larry Jones
Dee Jordan
JP’s Charity Fund
Megan and Varun Kacholia
Joshua and Elizabeth Kahn
Thomas Kailath and Anuradha Maitra
Angela and Nicholas Kalayjian
Rena Kaminsky
In Doo Kang and Young Kim
Jon Kannegaard and Patricia Sandoval
Scott Kaspick and Susan Termohlen
Robert and Arlene Katzive
KAZ Foundation for Social Advancement
Kieve Foundation
Walter and Carole Kilik
Leif and Ivonne King
Merrill A. Knapp
Michael D. Knobler
Charles and Stephanie Knowles
Stephen Koblin
Badrinarayanan Kothandaraman and Sangeetha Santhanam
David and Karen Krall
Kevin J. Kranzusch
Roopa and Sridharan Krishnan
Greg Krodel
Neil and Gina Kumaran
Satheesh Kuppurao and Vasudha Ramanarasiah
InStep Technologies, Inc.
Shawn Lampron and William York
Joan Lane
Mark Larson and Tina Cole
Peter and Sue LaTourrette
Lau Family Fund
Andrew and Janet Lederer
Lee Family Foundation
Phyliss and Chun K. Lee
John Legg
April and Eric Lehman
Mary Leonard
Barry B. and Bronwyn Lewis

Carolyn Lewis
David and Sylvia Lichtenger
Helen and Ernest Lin
Gregory and Betty Linvill
Jeffrey Lipkin and Kathleen Anderson
Teri Little
Darren Litzinger
Valerie L. London
Howard and Karen Loomis
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Virginia and Jim Lyons
Mack Family Fund
The Macleod Family
Christopher and Danielle Makler
Radhika and Ambarisha Malpani
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* Denotes For The Kids Council Member


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Leaving a Lasting Impact

Thank you to members of the Second Harvest Legacy Society for helping ensure that anyone in Silicon Valley who needs a nutritious meal can get one. Each Legacy Society member has included a gift to Second Harvest in their will, trust, retirement plan or insurance policy.

When donors leave gifts for Second Harvest of Silicon Valley in their wills or trusts, we are often notified when it is too late to thank them for their legacy gift. We were honored to hear that our current employee, Data Entry Operator Pei Peng, had included Second Harvest in his estate plans.

Pei has worked at Second Harvest since 2002. He became aware of Second Harvest through his church, Cathedral of Faith, which is across the street from our warehouse in South San Jose. Their “Reaching Out” program has distributed food to people in need since 1981.

“I see the benefits [of Second Harvest] from people at my church,” he explained. “They are stretched thin from lack of food.”

When Pei joined Second Harvest, he had experienced financial strain and food insecurity firsthand when his time serving in the Army Reserve ended and his Social Security Disability Insurance expired. Without health insurance, “it was a really tough jump,” he remembers. Many of his friends were poor and struggling.

Pei has been donating to Second Harvest for 20 years. He reflects that even though Silicon Valley is a very wealthy community, there are real pockets of need. He became a Legacy Society member in June of 2017 as a way to manage his resources and to follow the teachings of his faith.

Learn more about leaving a legacy.

“I believe in the Bible verse Matthew 25, give to the poor. That’s the mission that I base my donation on. I believe in giving a helping hand to whoever needs it.”

Legacy Society Members

Anonymous (45)
Carla Ada Trust
Jane Anderson and Tess Ayers
Richard Andrews
Archer Family Foundation
David and Donna Arnold
Paul Asente and Ron Jenks
Phyllis Baer
Fred J. Bedard
Dean Bernheim
Kenneth Bigler
Robert and Nancy Bridge
William and Donna Burke
Richard L. Bush
Eric Butler M.D. and Suzanne Rocca-Butler
Martha Carpenter
John Carver
Pia Chamberlain and Ruth Saldivar
Mei M. Chen
Michael G. Chow
Anne and Terry Clark
Ann and Sheffield Clarke
David and Donna Courtright
Diana Davey
DiAnne Davis *
Linda and Scott Deatrick
Dana L. Dickinson
Diane Diggins
Dr. and Dr. Dimery
Hrishikesh Divate
Patricia Dolan
Gene and Cindy Domecus
John U. Dunse
E & L Charitable Giving
Marilyn Edelstein
Natalie Elefant

Carol Emerich
Fan Lisa Feng
Kevin and Celeste Ford
Maria R. Franco
Bob and Ronda Fraser
Jeffrey and Julia Gallinat
Allen A. Ginsling & Rachael Goldstein Trust
Lauren Hailey
Marisue Hansen
Eloise Harris
Sara Hojjat
David and Sharon Hoyt
Gary Isoardi
Jacque and John Jarve
Jeffery Johns and Bonita Lane
Gregory and Barbara Jones
Barbara Jones Memorial Fund
Larry and Patricia Jones
John and Susan Jordan
The Jossi Family Trust
Edwin M. Kinderman Trust
Janine Kovac
Greg M. Krodel
Jenny Y. Lee
Cate Levings
Carolyn Lewis
Adriana Leyva
Garry and Suzanne Lim
Valentina M. Lombardi
Vanessa C. Lopez
Matt and Rebecca Lowell
Jose Luis and Caroline Garcia
Jacob and Andrea Malae
Carl H. Malberg *
Ruth Martinez
Kevin M. McCoy *
Dawn McDaniel

Sarah McGregor
Edward Mocarski
and Christine Martens
Diane E. Moore
Anthony J.
and Jeanne E. Muzzicato *
James Neupert
Ruth Nilmeier
Norris Family Charitable Fund
Debbie Norton
R.H. O’Grady
Tisa M. Pedersen
Pei K. Peng
Carol Peters
Robert J.Pfeiffer *
Lynn and Joe Pinto Family Foundation
Patience Putnam
JoAnne Sabo
Indrani Samarawickrama
Jane and William Scharfen *
Clare Sinanian
Claro and Editha Soberano
Teresa L. Spalding
Crystal and Larry Steinke
Katie Stivers
Norm Taffe and Julie Bennett
Mary Sue & Dan Thomas
Tiede Family Trust
Onnolee and Orlin Trapp
Catherina J. Ude *
Steve and Tammy Ursenbach
Amanda and Thomas Warner
Frederick and Rita Whitten
Cynthia Williams
Patricia F. Winter

* Deceased


2021-2022 Revenue and Expenses

Our fiscal year is July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022.

Annual Funding Sources

  • 73% Individual
  • 13% Corporations
  • 9% Foundations & Organizations
  • 5% Corporations


Individual Donors $65,156,163
Corporations $11,331,039
Foundations & Organizations $8,270,540
Government Funding $4,637,328
Subtotal $89,395,070
Donated Food and In-Kind Contributions $168,906,147
Total Operating Revenue* $258,301,217
*This Revenue does not include the following:
Board Designated Endowment Fund* ($1,585,389)
Investment Gains/Losses* ($11,309,420)
Others (Accounting & Related Revenue) $188,602
Total Non-Operating Revenue ($12,706,207)
Total Revenue $245,595,010
* Incurred investment loss in FY22

Annual Operating Expenses

  • 95% Programs/Food Distribution
  • 3% Fundraising
  • 2% Management


Programs/Food Distribution $255,149,966
Fundraising $7,200,930
Management $6,633,504
Total Operating Expenses $268,984,400

Net Assets

Net Assets* $206,553,701
* This figure includes the value of food on hand as of June 30, 2022.

2021-2022 Board of Directors

Merry Ayres
Senior Manager, Strategy and Programs, Coupa

David Babulak
Managing Director, Strongpoint Holdings

Leslie Bacho
CEO, Second Harvest of Silicon Valley

Pastor Paul Bains
President and Cofounder, Project WeHOPE

Brian Birtwistle
Senior Vice President, Ripple

Susan Blanco
Managing Partner, Capital Clarity

Mark Chandler
Stanford Law School, Lecturer, Chief Legal Officer, Cisco (retired)

Chris Cook
President, Products Division Ultra Clean Holdings

Ellen Drew
Volunteer and Philanthropist

Adriana Porter Felt
Director of Engineering, Google

Erin Hoffmann
Technologist and Philanthropist

Josh Kahn
Vice President and General Manager, Platform Business Unit, ServiceNow

Jamillah Moore
Vice President of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, San Francisco State University

Venk Nathamuni
Chief Financial Officer, Cirrus Logic

Maria Poveromo
Senior Vice President and Chief Communications Officer, Cisco

Lisa Goldman Rosas
Assistant Professor, Stanford University

Tina Sunseri
Audit Partner, Deloitte & Touche LLP

Richard Svec
Senior Vice President, Construction Services Group, Alliant Insurance Services, Inc.