Join us to ensure that all residents have access to healthy, nutritious food. Raise a voice for the needs of low-income people. Despite the booming economy, many hard-working families and seniors can't keep pace with the escalating cost of living. The need for food assistance appears to be chronic, with a growing number of clients seeking help on an on-going and less episodic basis. These factors are forcing people to choose between spending money on housing, education, medications, or food.

Second Harvest's experience not only reflects a local problem, but also a state and national problem. We are educating policy makers and stakeholders about the importance of public-private partnerships in addressing hunger and related health issues. We work with a range of local, state, and national organizations to address client barriers, as well as strengthen and improve the effectiveness of food and nutrition programs.

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Cindy McCown

You can use your voice by standing up for those who are impacted by hunger. Together, we can create a hunger-free community!

Cindy McCown
Vice President of Community Engagement and Policy