Child Nutrition Coalition


Join us to ensure that children 18 and under have access to healthy, nutritious food. Despite the booming economy, many hard-working families can't keep pace with the escalating cost of living. These factors are forcing parents to choose between spending money on housing, education, medications or food. Leveraging the Federal Nutrition Programs, the Child Nutrition Coalition is focused on expanding participation in the School Breakfast and Lunch Programs, the Child and Adult Care Food Program and the Summer Food Programs to help meet the nutritional needs of children.

Over 50 community partners providing programming and/or meals to youth have come together to break down silos and work toward optimizing the use of the federal funds set aside to feed children. The Coalition is striving to reach a greater percentage of our at-risk youth by using innovative community partnerships. In addition, we are working to educate policymakers and stakeholders about the importance of public-private partnerships in strengthening and improving the effectiveness of food and nutrition programs.

Please email if you are interested in joining the Coalition. For information on particular meal programs please see the links below.



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