Farm to Family

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Sometimes — no matter how carefully farmers plan — they are faced with surplus crops. And sometimes, ordinary people are faced with hard times and struggle to put healthy food on the table.

Farm to Family bridges the gap between our state's surplus produce and people in need. Started in the late 1990s by San Francisco Food Bank volunteer Gary Maxworthy, the California Association of Food Banks has grown Farm to Family into the nation’s leading produce recovery program.

That's where Farm to Family steps in. The California Association of Food Banks' Farm to Family program works with farmers, ranchers, packers and shippers to get California farm products from the field to food banks throughout the state.

More than 100 growers contribute more than 50 varieties of produce to Farm to Family. The result is more than 160 million pounds of California farm products being distributed each year to the California Association of Food Banks' 40 member food banks and their network of 6,000 schools, churches, senior centers, soup kitchens and other community venues.

For more information on how Second Harvest values fruits and vegetables in its mission, view our Produce Mobile white paper.

For an in-depth look at how the Farm to Family program works, watch this video produced by the California Association of Food Banks. You may also view their website for additional information and media.