Food and Fund Drive Awards

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Make Hunger History Awards


There's no better way to celebrate your tremendous fundraising efforts than by recognizing your success! As you collect food and monetary donations for those in need, you'll earn points that lead to exceptional award levels honored at our annual Make Hunger History Awards Party.

It is because of community champions like you running Food and Fund Drives that Second Harvest is able to provide food to nearly 253,000 hungry neighbors each and every month.




Award totals include all food and financial donations, sponsorships, and grants donated throughout the year. Your award level is determined by total points or per capita points, whichever is greater.

Awards Structure

$1 = 2.5 points
1 pound = 1 point

Formula for total points:
Total Pounds + (Total Dollars x 2.5) = Total Points


Blue Diamond Award: 50,000+ Points 225+ Points
Platinum Award: 25,000 to 49,999 Points 111 to 224 Points
Gold Award: 10,000 to 24,999 Points 51 to 110 Points
Silver Award: 4,000 to 9,999 Points 30 to 50 Points
Bronze Award: 1,000 to 3,999 Points 15 to 29 Points


*Corporations: per capita figure is calculated by dividing total points by the total number of employees at your local participating campuses.
*Non-corporate drives: per capita figure is calculated by dividing total points by the total number of members in your group.

Special Awards

The following awards recognize especially outstanding efforts by participants.

Corporate Food Bowl: The company with the highest per capita points and more than 50,000 total points in a single year.

Employee Food Bowl: The company with the highest per capita employee points (corporate gifts not included) and more than 50,000 points in a single year.

Corporate Champion: The company with the highest points in each of three size categories: 1) up to 250 employees, 2) 250-1,000 employees, and 3) 1,000+ employees.

Community Champion: The non-corporate group with the highest total points in each of three size categories: 1) fewer than 250 participants, 2) 250-1,000 participants, and 3) 1,000+ participants.

Golden Apple: School group showing extraordinary effort.

Spirit Award: Outstanding faith-based Food and Fund Drive.

Brass Ring: Any company or organization that earned 500,000 points or more in a single year.

Million Pounds Club: Effective October 1, 1996, a company or organization that accumulates the equivalent of a million pounds of food (1 million points) will be inducted into the Million Pound Club. Totals will accrue and will be recognized in increments of 5 million pounds.

Stand Up for Kids Outstanding Achievement Award: The company or organization demonstrating the most excitement for the Stand Up for Kids campaign.

Outstanding Drive Coordinator: Recognition given to exemplary Food and Fund Drive coordinators.

Outstanding Youth Award: Recognition given to exemplary student supporters.

Outside the Barrel: Honor for outstanding innovation and creativity in drive efforts.

Food From the Bar: Participating law firm that raised the most dollars overall.

Bumper Crop: Group with incredible Food and Fund Drive growth.

Hunger Hero: Individual who demonstrates an exceptional level of commitment to hunger relief.