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Once you've started your fundraiser, we recommend that you take a look around your dashboard and discover all of the ways you can inspire your supporters.

Personalize your fundraising page by adding your own words, pictures, or video. Remember, your friends and family want to feed people in need, but they mostly want to help you. Make sure you tell them why you are getting involved.

And don't be shy! Follow the steps below to spread the word.

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Action Plan for a Successful Fundraiser

Step 1: Send a personal email to 10 of your closest friends and family.

  • You know what they'll respond to, so make it personal!
  • As you make progress toward your goal, people become more and more likely to donate. By asking your closest friends and working outward to contacts who are less likely to give, you’ll maximize your chances of reaching your goal.

Step 2: Email your other contacts that you feel comfortable sending a message to.

  • Send an email that explains why Second Harvest Food Bank is important to you. Ask them to make a gift, share the link to your fundraising page and thank your contacts for their time and support.

Step 3: Promote your fundraiser frequently on social media.

  • Tag your friends on Facebook who have already donated and thank them for their support. This will promote your fundraiser on their news feed and show that you’re making progress toward your goal (remember success fuels success!).
  • Don't just post "asks!" Share inspiring stories or stats that you'll find on SHFB's Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages.

Step 4: Follow up with people who didn't respond initially.

  • Set personal goals (like $200 by week 2 and $400 by week 4) to create urgency with your "asks" and give yourself a reason to follow up.
  • Share progress toward each goal and ask for help getting over the next hurdle. Don't be afraid to send follow up emails!

Step 5: Thank your supporters!

  • Your friends and family care about the cause, but mostly they care about you. A personal thank you call, email, post on Facebook, or comment on your fundraising page is a must.


Customizable Flyer

Edit this flyer to spread the word about your Fundraiser.



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