Backyard Produce

COVID-19 update: At this time we have made the decision to no longer accept walk-in food donations at our three warehouse locations. In an effort to enforce social distancing standards, we cannot manage additional foot traffic in our lobbies and warehouses. Please consider making a financial donation every $1 helps provide 2 meals.

Backyard produce donations

Second Harvest invites all local gardeners to share their backyard harvest. By donating your fresh fruits and vegetables, you will help our community thrive.

Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind:

Only donate produce you would eat yourself.

Produce must be free of mold or decay and have enough shelf life to last three to five days.

Produce must be properly packed in cardboard boxes or sturdy containers to prevent damage.

Produce is sanitary and free of rodents and insects.

Produce has been grown using water from a public water system free from pathogens or contaminants.

Produce has been handled by people who have followed proper handwashing procedures and are free of illnesses.

Second Harvest cannot accept any backyard citrus donations with leaves or stems. Please remove all leaves and long stems and donate only the fruit. We are located in a quarantine area for Asian citrus psyllid. For more information, visit

All produce donations must be receipted with donor’s name, address and phone number. No anonymous donations are accepted.

Donations can be delivered to our Curtner Center in San Jose or Bing Center in San Carlos, where the food will be properly stored and distributed to our partner agency network. If possible, please drop produce donations off early in the week so we can distribute the food before we close for the weekend.

Drop-off locations

Bing location

1051 Bing St
San Carlos, CA

Curtner location

750 Curtner Ave
San Jose, CA


Office: 408-266-8866, ext. 102

Backyard produce harvest assistance

If you need help harvesting your trees, please contact Village Harvest. Village Harvest is a local nonprofit organization that harvests fruit from backyards and small orchards.

Learn more at