48-Hour Virtual Race to End Hunger

The financial implications of the COVID-19 pandemic are far from over for the many families we serve. We remain committed to our mission knowing that our most vulnerable community members are deeply and disproportionately impacted by public crises such as this.

450,000 people on average receive food from Second Harvest every month – an 80% increase over pre-pandemic levels. We will continue to ensure that everyone in our community has access to the nutritious food they need…now more than ever before.

What is the 48-Hour Virtual Race to End Hunger?

Over 48 hours, employees at Silicon Valley companies (with 250 or more local employees) compete online to raise funds to help provide over 2 million meals – or $1 million!

The Rules

  • Your company should have a total local employee count of 250 or more.

  • Only employee donations will count. Corporate gifts and matching donations are welcome, but do not count toward your totals for the race. They would of course count toward your holiday fundraising totals.
  • Giving must take place through Second Harvest’s dedicated Virtual Race to End Hunger page.
    Exception: A pledge form may be used for gifts of stock and/or donations greater than $10,000. Pledges must be submitted by 10 am on the last day of the race and fulfilled by December 31, 2021.

  • In the event of a tie, total giving during the 2021 Virtual Race and then total giving to Second Harvest during our most recently completed fiscal year (through June 30, 2021) will be used to determine a winner.

When is the 2021 race?

The 2021 48-Hour Virtual Race to End Hunger runs from Tuesday, November 9 at noon until Thursday, November 11 at noon.

Donations received before or after this time period do not count toward the Virtual Race to End Hunger, but do count toward your holiday fundraising totals.

Who participated in the 2020 48-Hour Virtual Race to End Hunger?

Chegg, Cisco, DocuSign, Fenwick, Maxim Integrated, Proofpoint, Renesas, Veritas and Zscaler.

Staff members with branded truck

The team at Fenwick & West, excited about their Virtual Race Winner truck!

What can we win?

Companies are competing for first place in these three categories to win their logo on a Second Harvest food delivery truck for a year. Even second and third place winners will be featured on a Second Harvest car.

  • Total Giving: Donate the most dollars overall
  • Per Capita: Make the highest average donation
  • Participation Rate: Have the highest percentage of employees who make donations

How do I donate?

Only employee donations made through your company’s unique Second Harvest donation link will be counted.

Exception: A pledge form may be used for gifts of stock and/or donations of $10,000+.

Who can donate to my company’s race?

Any individual who has the special Second Harvest giving link may donate to the race. Employees are encouraged to share their donation link with friends and family to amplify their fundraising efforts! And donations from anywhere count, not just locally in Silicon Valley!

Will my company’s matching dollars count?

Although many companies match employee gifts to increase participation, these corporate contributions are not included in Virtual Race to End Hunger totals. Be sure to check with your internal team to have your donation matched!

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