Fundraiser Toolkit

Our fundraisers have done some incredible things to build a hunger-free community.
They’re sharing new ideas every day.

What’s yours? Use these tips and tools to get started.

You can build a hunger-free community
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Step 1: Take Action

Decide to help Second Harvest and our partners distribute nutritious food to our community.

  • Pick a name. Choose a photo. Set a goal. How many meals do you want to help provide? A $1 donation helps provide enough food for two meals. Use the checklist, images, Zoom background and social press kit to kick off your fundraiser.
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Step 2: Share

Tell your friends and family how many meals you want to help provide and ask them to join you. For example, when you raise $5,000 you are helping to provide nearly 120 local families of four with enough food for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a week.

  1. Share these photos, posters and emails to your community so they can help build a hunger-free community with you. Don’t forget to create a QR code to share your fundraiser!
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Step 3: Celebrate

Individuals like you provide the majority of our funding. We can’t do this work alone. Thank you!

  • Congratulate and thank those who joined by personalizing our thank you email. Share your success and how many meals you helped provide to your community.
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Personalize your thank you email

The possibilities are limitless

Need inspiration? Check out our “get creative” page and these fundraisers that left a lasting impression.

Start Your Fundraiser
3rdRail9ers Tailgate Crew hosted a 49ers tailgate party for donations

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