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California Association of Food Banks
Site deals with hunger and advocacy issues providing a unified voice among food banks to maximize their ability to build a well-nourished California.

Feeding America
(formerly known as America's Second Harvest)

The Nation's largest domestic hunger relief organization. Serves people in need by securing and storing surplus food and distributing it through their own network of local service agencies.

California Food Policy Advocates
A private nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the health and well being of low-income Californias by increasing their access to food.

The Food Research and Action Center
The Food Research and Action Center is a leading national organization working to improve public policies to eradicate hunger and malnutrition in the United States.

Citizens' movement seeking justice for the world's hungry people — members help by lobbying the Nation's decision-making representatives on legislation that addresses hunger in our communities and the world.

Congressional Hunger Center
Promotes policies that improve the lives of low-income children and families. A bi-partisan organization serving as a center where anti-hunger communities discuss creative solutions to end domestic and international hunger.

World Hunger Education Service
Online publication of the World Hunger Education Service brings innovative and self-help solutions to fight against chronic hunger and poverty.

World Hunger Year
World Hunger Year (WHY) promotes community-based solutions to hunger. WHY uses extensive contacts to create networking opportunities for grassroots organizations.