We at Second Harvest are getting ready to celebrate Halloween!

The National Retail Federation noted in its annual spending survey that consumers are expected to spend $9.1 billion in candy for Halloween this year, up from $8.4 billion in 2016.

That is a lot of candy and for sure our clients will enjoy eating some of it in their households. Let’s be clear, who doesn’t enjoy a treat from time to time? Even the healthiest and more conscious eaters do too. Candy is available everywhere, especially during the Halloween season, but our clients are in need of nutritious foods.

Our mission is to lead our community to ensure that anyone who needs a healthy meal can get one. Our clients have told us they prefer healthy food. When asked, “If you had more money, what specific foods would you purchase for you and your family?” the top responses were protein (37%), fruit (25%), and vegetables (21%).

Every November through December, our food barrels flood with donated Halloween candy. While we truly appreciate the sentiment of giving, there are so many other great ways and foods to give, so this year we respectfully ask that you please do not give us candy.

Out of the over 1,200 desired food items, there was just one mention of candy. Diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity are critical health concerns for our clients and we are committed to their desire to live healthy, active lives. We hope you can help by donating some of our most-needed foods instead of candy.