“Social Media Round-Up” is an ‘ICYMI’ compilation of the top hunger-related news and other interesting tidbits posted on our social media profiles.

8/3: These Twenty Young People Are Changing the Food System in Huge Ways, Food Tank
Check out these innovative projects

8/5: What I Learned After Taking a Homeless Mother Grocery Shopping, Babble
“Remembering that statistics represent real people is a vital part of wanting to do something about it. We need to do more than stand aside and shake our heads, grateful it isn’t us.”

8/5: Over the weekend, our own Rina Saavedra, Mark Kokoletsos and Arlene Aquino attended the 94th Anniversary Installation Dinner, sponsored by the SF Host Lions Club, in South San Francisco. Our Programs staff were presented with certificates in appreciation of our partnership with Lions Club members who volunteer and help serve hungry people in our community. Don’t they look dashing?

8/10: 8 Essential Tips for Avoiding Food Waste, The Kitchn
Check out these great tips on how to avoid food waste and make full use of groceries you buy

8/12: 5 Healthy Veggies You Think Are Bad For You – But Aren’t, Prevention
Ok, so I thought iceberg lettuce had no nutritional value. I was wrong.

8/17: 16 TED Talks That Will Make You Smarter About Food, First We Feast
I know what I’ll be watching today

8/19: Why Hungry Seniors Aren’t Getting Enough to Eat, NPR
“When we picture hungry Americans, we may see the faces of children, or single moms. But many of the people who struggle to fill their bellies are beyond age 65.”

8/19: Survey Shows More Working Families Turn to Silicon Valley Food Banks, ABC 7 News
“Buy food, or pay the PG&E bill? That’s a choice some families in Silicon Valley are facing…”

8/20: We’ve got heart-healthy, nutrient-rich tomatoes this #WarehouseWednesday! DYK there are about 7,500 tomato varieties grown for various purposes?

8/23: The Only Food Poor Americans Can Afford Is Making Them Unhealthy, The Atlantic
“To make their budgets stretch further, many people in poverty turn to expired, damaged, or processed items.”

8/29: 23 On-The-Go Breakfasts That Are Actually Good For You, BuzzFeed
Aren’t we always looking for easy and healthy breakfast options? This BuzzFeed post has a bunch of those. ‪#‎foodiefriday

8/30: Yes, She’s on Food Stamps and No, You Shouldn’t Judge Her For It, Babble
“Why do people think they have enough information that they can determine the whole picture?”

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