Hardworking students face choices between buying food and books. On December 13th, Second Harvest and Evergreen Valley College (EVC) celebrated the opening of the Hawk Spot Food Pantry, a center that will alleviate fears of food insecurity and create a community center focused on service.

Already hosting a monthly food distribution serving families in the community, EVC and Second Harvest recognized the level of need on campus. The new permanent pantry is open four days a week and allows students to receive food weekly, an important change considering their limited refrigeration space and small kitchens. After identifying an under-utilized game room, EVC budgeted funds for shelving, food storage, and remodeling the space.

Partnerships Manager Luz Ayala commends the school for a smooth opening process and enthusiasm for addressing hunger on campus. At the monthly food distribution, EVC’s president and other executive leaders help out regularly. This support empowers students to receive food, and they show immense gratitude. Between the monthly distribution featuring perishable foods like fresh produce and the permanent pantry, students can feel some relief in an expensive time to live in the Bay Area.

Thank you and best of luck to the team at Evergreen Valley College!

From left: Partnerships Manager Luz Ayala, VP of Development and Marketing Cat Cvengros, CEO Leslie Bacho, EVC President Keith Aytch and SHFB Board Member Josh Kahn of ServiceNow