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Four volunteers in 1987 started serving a weekly breakfast for the low-income Half Moon Bay community. They thought it would last 6 months, not 25 years! If not for Senior Coastsiders' gift of space to prepare and serve the meals and for Second Harvest's gift of ingredients, we would never be able to continue the breakfast and feed nearly 250 people each week. We utilize the food from Second Harvest — usually potatoes, eggs, canned corn, and fresh produce — as well as day-old pastries from bakeries to prepare the feast. One local restaurant helps us with the potatoes by peeling, slicing, and baking them for us free of charge.

The families who come for the breakfast each Saturday are from all walks of life. Nearly half of the people getting this simple but hearty breakfast are children under 12. What makes this meal special is that we believe in sharing the food regardless of your circumstances or place in life. There’s always a place at the table for you, "no strings attached." The No Strings Attached concept also refers to our volunteers. Our informal nature gives anyone the opportunity to serve. And we're flexible if people's schedules change and they enter a different stage of their life where their time is more limited. If they have to go, they have to go. We all should do what we can, when we can.

More and more families keep coming each week so we'll keep making the breakfast, always with dignity, a warm plate, and a listening ear.

Sincerely, "No Strings Attached" Breakfast Volunteers