Food Donor Spotlight

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George Chiala Farms, Inc. is a family owned and operated business located in Morgan Hill, CA.  For almost four decades, George Chiala Farms has been planting, harvesting and packing agricultural food products. Additionally, they have been processing agricultural food products for more than 25 years. 

George Chiala Farm’s relationship with Second Harvest Food Bank began in 1999 when the Food Bank engaged the community with helping to fund the construction of a new 65,000 square foot warehouse in San Jose.  George Chiala Sr. answered with a monetary donation that helped build the facility that we are still in today.

In 2002, the company found out that they could offer a product donation that would be just as helpful as money or food.  At the time, they had about 400 fiber barrels that they were looking to recycle.  One of their forklift drivers had recently received food assistance from Second Harvest, and felt grateful for the opportunity to give back.  He called us, knowing that we could put the barrels to good use, and the next day our truck arrived for the pick up.  That donation opened the door, and since then George Chiala Farms has donated thousands of pounds of fresh produce, helping to provide nourishment to those who need it most. 

George Chiala Farms believes that it is a basic human right to have access to healthy food, and they feel that Second Harvest’s Produce Mobile is a particularly meaningful program.  This ‘Farmer’s Market on Wheels’ delivers fresh fruits and vegetables to over 7,000 low income households each month, and shares the Chiala’s mission of providing fresh produce to the community. 

Family is the corner-stone of the Chiala’s business; they enjoy working together, serving their community, and extending their family one customer at a time.  One of the most important parts of running their business has been being able to grow within the same community for the last 50 years. They play an active role in Morgan Hill, and support many of the local organizations such as the schools, church, town functions, and the Farm Bureaus of Santa Clara and surrounding counties. Their processed products are used in many popular grocery items that people buy and consume everyday, and for the Chiala family, it is a good feeling to know they are a part of something big.

At Second Harvest Food Bank, we rely on the support of our community partners and donors.  Our thanks goes out to the Chiala family and the many other food donors who help us provide nutritious meals to so many people each month.  For more information about GC Farms and their extensive line of products, please visit:

George Chiala Farms


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For Wholesale & Commercial food donation inquiries, please contact:

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