Second Harvest’s supporters believe in our efficiency and the essential role we play in feeding our communities. Donors can maximize their contributions by signing up for monthly giving during our February match. Become a monthly donor by February 28 and an anonymous foundation will triple your gift for the first three months up to $150,000!

Our goal is to provide clients with an abundance of fresh food

Monthly giving creates a stable base for our vital programs that occur each year—summer meals for kids, larger distributions during the holidays and situations that require quick responses like the government shutdown.

Monthly donors receive fewer mailings, meaning reduced administrative costs and an increase to the efficiency our supporters love.

In the end, monthly giving is easier for everyone. Don’t worry about checks, envelopes or stamps. Changes to a giving plan can be made at any time by contacting Donor Relations.

With this match, your monthly gift will be tripled for the first three months. $450 helps provide a meal a day for kids in one classroom over a month, and $1350 helps provide one meal a day for 90 children over a month.

Second Harvest makes the most of each contribution, and this match allows donors to do the same. One anonymous contributor offered this praise, “When my husband and I donate to a charitable organization, the most decisive factor is how much of our donation goes directly to those in need. At Second Harvest, that criterion is met each and every day. All that food will be distributed promptly and efficiently to those people who need it most. This is an extremely well-run organization that can proudly state they truly make a difference.” Your tripled dollars mean more fresh produce for our neighbors—boxes filled with potatoes, zucchini, squash, and more.

We realize monthly giving is an adjustment to most supporters’ usual plans, but this match makes it a great time to switch to monthly gifts. Join us today at! You can also connect with us at 866-234-3663 or by emailing