Donate Items

Besides food, funds, and time, we welcome other donations.

Donating items means donated dollars can purchase more food to feed our neighbors in need!

Here are some examples of item donations:

  • Vehicles less than 10 years old or have less than 100,000 miles (some of our specific needs include tractors and trucks that are 2012 or newer and trailers that are 2008 or newer)
    • If the vehicle is older than 10 years old, please visit CARS to handle and pick up the donation.
  • Commercial appliances (coolers, freezers, kitchen tools)
  • Warehouse (such as pallet jacks, forklifts, generators) and maintenance equipment
  • Equipment for auto/truck repair shop
  • Shipping and packing supplies
  • Office and break room supplies
  • Janitorial supplies

To arrange item donations, please contact Pat Ybarra at 또는 408-266-8866, ext. 277.