The holidays can be a magical time filled with festive gatherings, family traditions and abundant food. However, many find the season to be a painful reminder that budgets are already tight and that nutritious meals are hard to come by. Even in wealthy Silicon Valley, hunger will take a seat at too many tables this holiday season.

While food donations help, fundraising means that we can use every $1 donated to help provide two healthy meals to our neighbors. $50 helps provide 100 meals. Getting support from your friends, family and colleagues should be easy. Making sure our neighbors can enjoy a holiday dinner is a cause everyone can get behind.

We have exciting news to share: we have a new fundraising tool! You can now customize and share your personal fundraiser with family, friends and colleagues. Create teams and have a friendly competition for a worthwhile cause.

We wanted to share with you the top 5 things that make our new fundraising page great!

  1. Teams, teams, teams! Our new fundraising page is all about teams. You can easily set up a team page for your organization, add a team to an existing fundraiser to help promote their efforts, or encourage others to create a team to help support your fundraiser. Things are more fun when everyone joins in to help make a difference.

To set up a team fundraiser, click the “create a team fundraiser” button

Start entering your team fundraiser information

  1. Customizable fundraising pages. With our new fundraising pages, you can make your page all your own by uploading photos, company logos, videos from YouTube and crafting a personalized story or company message. You can also change the page at any time throughout your fundraiser to provide updates, inspiration and so much more.

You can now customize your drive URL, your page title and add content and pictures/video. And if you’re running short on time to set up your page, we have you covered with our integrated template!

This is what your page will look like. You can add a personal message, pictures and videos to it to make it your own! 

  1. The ability to communicate directly with fundraiser participants. Team captains can send ready-to-use emails or customized messages from the Participant Center to kick off a fundraiser, provide motivation or just say thanks.

  1. Easily share your fundraiser with a custom URL or directly to Facebook. As a team captain, you’re just a click away from sharing your fundraiser with coworkers, family and friends via Facebook. You can also create a custom URL just for your organization.

  1. Every dollar raised helps provide two meals for those in need!

Need some ideas on how to get started, inspire your team or other ways you can help? Be sure to check out our fundraiser and food drive toolkits for the latest and greatest ways to kick start your drive!