Special Blog Post By: Tometrius Paxton, Senior Manager of Community Partnerships

On February 7, the first ever open food distribution was launched at Santa Clara’s Mission College for students and surrounding community neighbors. The food program will help address immediate food insecurities among its most vulnerable college students who are increasingly faced with this question: Do I pay for meals or books? This college pantry site is also unique because it is open to anyone who needs help.

In partnership, Second Harvest and The Office of Student Activities at Mission College have embarked on a journey to eliminate hunger for its students and neighbors. Mission College staff has been nothing short of outstanding in their willingness to oversee this program at their campus. The school provided their own tables and tents for the distribution.

The food was organized with careful consideration, and made to emulate the shopping experience at your local grocery store. Those that attended the distribution were allowed to pick the foods that best serves their needs. If a food distribution ever debunked the myth of what a food pantry looks like, this was a prime example!

The distribution was a huge success. At the official opening, they served 253 households, nearly reaching the set goal of 300 households on the very first day! They are expecting even more students and community members at the next distribution. The pictures give only a small glimpse of the work and impact that everyone felt that day. Here’s to a job well done by Rachael Goldberg and The Office of Student Activities at Mission College!

The Food Market will be opened every first Wednesday of each month from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm in Parking Lot B. All are welcome to come by!