“Mission: Possible” focuses on our volunteers, without whom our mission of creating a hunger-free community would be impossible! 

Special blog post by Teresa Carstens, Encore Fellow in Volunteer Services

Marie-Edith Aubry is a “skilled-volunteer,” donating her time and knowledge of financial analysis and internal auditing to Second Harvest.

Marie-Edith Aubry, standing, with Susan Takalo, Director of Community Partnerships

Marie, tell us about yourself.

I moved to the Bay Area from France, following my husband’s job transfer.  We loved it here and decided to apply for a green card to stay.

자원봉사를 하는 이유는 무엇이며 기아에 맞서 싸우도록 영감을 주는 것은 무엇입니까?

With my children now in school, I wanted to do something useful for the community.  I thought about working in a non-profit and I felt volunteering might be a good start.  I had worked as an internal auditor and a financial analyst, so I knew I had good skills and experience to offer a non-profit organization.

왜 Second Harvest에 자원봉사를 하시나요?

I love that Second Harvest provides nutritious meals to children through its many distributions and advocacy work during the school year and in the summers.  I knew children who came to school with an empty stomach, and I thought this is a great way to support the community.  The Food Bank provides healthy food, and I volunteer my time and skills to learn about a non-profit in the US.  It’s a win-win.

How are you helping Second Harvest and our community? 

I am updating the Food Budget for this next fiscal year.  I’ve learned how the budget is put together, and introduced changes to streamline the data entry.  It’s a very dynamic model, with variables updated twice a year, so it’s crucial to have a reliable model.  Using the skills I’ve built over my career, I’ve simplified the model and made it more efficient, decreasing the risk of error in the budget.

Your best advice for others looking to volunteer at Second Harvest? 

Don’t hesitate!  It will be a great experience, personally and professionally.  I have met great people.  I like to know that what I’m doing is making an impact.

How would you describe your experience volunteering at the Food Bank in one word?

Passionate!  I have met a lot of people here who are passionate about what they do.  I like volunteering in this kind of environment.

Marie, we are so grateful for your volunteering with us.  Thank you for bringing your skills and experience to Second Harvest!