Our winter “Unfamiliar Produce” posters have been super successful! Our partner agencies were very excited to display them at their distributions and pantries. We’ve also heard from several clients they like the posters and find it very useful and easy to follow.

We now want to introduce our spring “Unfamiliar Produce” posters! We featured fruits and vegetables that we know clients have a hard time cooking.

The spring stars are: turnip, radish, brussels sprouts, kale, beets, bok choy and artichoke. We also decided to add tofu since we know it is not a very common food item in many cultures.

‘Beet’ you’ll love making these smoothies!

The recipes we share on the posters are easy, fast and delicious! The cooking time is around 10 minutes for almost all of them except for the turnips and artichokes since these take a little longer.

Here are a few of the posters:


You can find all of them on our website!