Let’s celebrate a great Hunger Action Month.

Here are some of the ways we squashed hunger together:

  • Many thanks to Delta Air Lines for sponsoring our Facebook Frame! Thanks to their generosity and your participation we were able to raise $5,000. Volunteers showed their enthusiasm with photos throughout the month.

Let's Squash Hunger by Luz Ayala

This story begins in San Jose of 1997..

A single mother, widowed by fate, was lost but not forgotten..

She desperately worked, wherever she could, but still it wasn’t enough..

She had to feed, her 5 children, so mom couldn’t not give up..

With rent and bills stacked high not knowing where the next meal would be, the mother went through agony..

And there’d be times the mother would sit the children down to eat..

And she would feel a big relief, finally, her kids can eat..

But some of the kids had noticed that, their mom at times would not eat..

So to help their mom not feel so stressed, they took a secret leap..

So the children went out mowing lawns, asking teachers what they can spare

So they can help their mom not feel alone that life’s unfair..

Now nobody should have to worry about money, bills, or food..

Especially not children, who should be out laughing and playing, not solving money problems..

But sleeping well and eating plenty, so the growing in then can blossom..

Now hunger hurts, that much I know, for the story you hear is true..

For I am one of the children that had help from people like you..

So community, I ask of you to help this hunger cry..

It’s a duty that shows outstanding love, honor, and great pride..

So let’s not waste any more time, and seek in this endeavor..

To finally put an end to this, TOGETHER LET’S SQUASH HUNGER..

Let's Squash Hunger by Tometrius Paxton

Can you think of any time when you truly felt the pain in your stomach?

No food was available, and you had no idea how you would rise above it.

When you look into the mirror each morning before you start your day,

Remove your image and replace it with someone else’s that need a meal today.

Some of us look back at this moment in our lives as if it were a million years ago,

Now as adults with our busy lives and families, someone else is going through what you have, but will you open the door?

I know this is an issue that looks insurmountable, and quite frankly you are asking, where do I start,

Donating your time to serve others, donating food, donating any extra monies to your local bank, is always a very good place to start.

As we come to the end of year 2018, and embark upon year 2019,

Let’s Squash Hunger, and not only make it just a DREAM!

It requires the committed efforts by everyone: politicians, community leaders, schools, colleges, churches, and especially YOU!

Let your likeness be known throughout the land for DOING, not for what you would like to DO.

We live in a geographic area with excessive wealth, technology, and some of the brightest of the bright,

Now close your eyes, and imagine that family not knowing where their meal will come from each night.

Hunger have no discrimination towards: gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and for certain the color of your skin,

This is the one common thread in the universe that places us ALL on the same team, and we must be committed to WIN!

With the look in your eyes you arrive to this question: Why should I take on such a tall task, and know it isn’t too inviting?

Yet, I would like to take this opportunity to remind all of you, any battle that you want to win, is always worth FIGHTING!

I stand before you now with my band of committed sisters and brothers,

We need you to make a stand with us, and TOGETHER……….. “LET”S SQUASH HUNGER!”

  • Thank you to all who made this month possible.