In a time of divisiveness, this community stands together against hunger. While mornings begin with arguing voices and families lamenting lost homes, the day brightens with the news you all share. In the car, radio DJs broadcast day-long drives benefitting Second Harvest. Checking our social media in the office, I see families constructing elaborate lemonade stands, special fundraising classes at gyms and yoga studios and Turkey Trot runners raising incredible sums. Whether barre or boxing, country or hip-hop, marathoners or weekend warriors, together, #wecanendhunger.

We all hear stories and meet individuals that inspire our relationship with Second Harvest. Let’s share these experiences. In a time of conflict, we want our community to believe that #wecanendhunger. Here are some examples of the great work being done by our staff and you all.

Helping a Homeless Veteran

Marie K.

I was able to help a homeless veteran apply for CalFresh.  He looked helpless when he came and talked to me at a tabling site. When I pulled his record in our database, I found that he had used our hot meal programs two years ago in the San Mateo County. He had been homeless ever since, and things were not getting any better for him. I completed his expedited CalFresh application and gave him the hot meal locations to go for food. I wished that his application would be approved and that he would not worry about food anymore. Before he left, my instinct told me to give him all the snacks I had in my lunch bag. I believe that my compassion for those in need increases each day as a Food Connection Field Specialist.


A Small World, Indeed

Suleyma G.

It is always an amazing feeling to go back to my hometown and give back. I think to myself, “they have one less thing to worry about with enough healthy food on the table.” I work in the East Palo Alto WIC office once a month, and a few weeks ago I bumped into a young lady I had met my freshman year in high school through a program called Stanford College Prep (formerly Upward Bound). She was quiet and seemed a little stressed. Halfway through the Calfresh application, she remembered me, and we ended up taking a few minutes to catch up. When we were ending our conversation and coming to the end of the application, she smiled and thanked me, not only for the help with the food, but also for hearing her out. We exchanged numbers and smiled big while hugging, knowing that we would once again keep in touch. As many have expressed before, the world is indeed very small. I helped a family who was going through food insecurity and depression, and gained back an old, good friend.

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