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Free Summer Meals for Kids and Teens

Free, healthy summer meals are available for all kids and teens under 18. To find locations near you, text “FOOD” to 877-877. There are over 130 schools, libraries, parks [...]

Free Summer Meals for Kids and Teens2021-10-29T14:39:12-07:00

Advocating for Our Clients at the Nation’s Capital

By Tracy Weatherby, VP of Community Engagement & Policy Each year, Feeding America (the nation’s food bank network) and the Food Research Action Center organize the Anti-Hunger Conference in [...]

Advocating for Our Clients at the Nation’s Capital2021-10-13T16:47:57-07:00

Recap: 2019 Legislative Roundtables

Last month, we hosted two legislative roundtables, one at our Bing center and one at our Cypress center. Representatives from all different levels of government – local, state and [...]

Recap: 2019 Legislative Roundtables2021-10-29T14:39:12-07:00

2019 Policy Agenda

Second Harvest believes that access to healthy food is a human right and that food is foundational to economic stability and health. As bills are introduced, we will offer [...]

2019 Policy Agenda2021-10-29T14:45:58-07:00

Food Drive 2018: A Dartmouth News Network Production

Students across the Bay Area compete to fill barrels of non-perishable food during the Fundraiser and Food Drive season, but many never get to see how their contributions reach [...]

Food Drive 2018: A Dartmouth News Network Production2021-10-29T14:45:58-07:00

#Wecanendhunger – Our Holiday Hashtag

In a time of divisiveness, this community stands together against hunger. While mornings begin with arguing voices and families lamenting lost homes, the day brightens with the news you [...]

#Wecanendhunger – Our Holiday Hashtag2021-07-09T09:21:05-07:00

All Are Welcome

A man hears laughter rising from a neighbor's yard. Vibrant heads of cabbage peak out of brown boxes, and jugs of milk swing in small hands to the rhythm [...]

All Are Welcome2021-07-09T09:54:02-07:00