To continue the employee volunteer tradition that began a few years ago and in order to share some #FoodBankLove on Valentine’s Day, Second Harvest employees from all departments and functions volunteered and helped distribute 17, 274 pounds of food at the Campbell United Methodist Church. Food Distribution at this site happens once a month.

On that day, with the help of dedicated Campbell United Methodist Church’s volunteers, we served approximately 170 families! Everyone who participated appreciated interacting with clients and felt re-energized and connected to Second Harvest’s mission.

Do you wonder what the experience was like to volunteer at one of our distribution sites? Check out our pictures below!

Our employees in front of a Second Harvest Truck (our CEO Leslie came to help too).

When we arrived at the site, there were 5 lines for families with the different distribution times. When we arrived, there were already people lining up with carts.

Before the distribution started, volunteers started unloading all the food from the truck and packaging food items together. For instance, each family got 2 packages of chicken, 4 cans of tuna, 10 cheese sticks, and more.

Diane, our Director of Volunteer Services, packed frozen chickens for families.

Campbell United Methodist Church volunteers worked hard unloading and opening all food boxes.

Volunteers lined up food products strategically. Heavy products such as frozen chicken and rice were given first, then light products such as tuna cans, tortillas, cheese. Not pictured: fresh produce is given last outside of the building.

We were excited by the quality of the food distributed: a lot of fresh fruits and veggies to eat healthy! As part of our Healthy Food and Beverage Policy, Second Harvest does not distribute any junk food.

Campbell United Methodist Church volunteers put packages of cheese sticks together for families.

Tim, our Human Resources Manager, worked hard to get the site ready for distribution.

Outside the building, volunteers prepared packages of vegetables and fruits, such as onions, potatoes, and lettuce. While Lejla, one of our employees, was packaging potatoes for clients, she found a very cool heart-shaped potato!

Lejla, our Development Administrative Assistant, found the perfect Valentine’s Day potato!

THE perfect Valentine’s Day photo opp (you might have seen this picture on our Instagram).

Once we were done with unloading the truck and packaging food, the distribution started and our volunteers filled clients’ carts with food. It was both eye-opening to realize that in Silicon Valley, a lot of people rely on Second Harvest’s food distributions, but also very refreshing to see the smiles on our clients’ faces. At the end of the distribution, all the remaining items were distributed to people who waited for a second round: our goal is always to give away all food!

Our team shared some #FoodBankLove on Valentine’s Day!

Interested in joining the fun? Check our volunteer opportunities here!