Legacy donors Alan Feinberg and his wife Joan Weber are motivated to give back to the community. When they relocated from Boston to the Bay Area in 1990 and learned how many people — especially families with children — were struggling with food insecurity, they were appalled. “No one should have to do without a nutritious meal, especially in a wealthy area like Silicon Valley.”

They were especially concerned that so many children struggled to get by without adequate nutrition. “I remember sitting down for a home cooked meal with my family every night,” said Alan. “I took it for granted.”

Joan und Alan begegneten Second Harvest zum ersten Mal, als sie ehrenamtlich bei einer von Alans Firmenveranstaltungen mitwirkten. Sie waren beeindruckt, wie viel nahrhaftes Essen für jeden gesammelten Dollar bereitgestellt wurde.

1993 machten sie ihre erste Spende und wurden in den nächsten 30 Jahren zu engagierten Spendern. Als es an der Zeit war, darüber nachzudenken, ein Vermächtnis zu hinterlassen, schien es logisch, ein Vermächtnis aus ihrem Nachlass aufzunehmen, in dem Second Harvest als bedeutender Begünstigter genannt wurde.

“We don’t have any children of our own. We want to ensure that children in the future have the same access to healthy food as we did when we were growing up. Leaving a legacy is our way of providing for multiple generations of kids.” – Joan, Second Harvest of Silicon Valley legacy donor

Vielen Dank an die Mitglieder der Second Harvest Legacy Society for helping to end hunger in our community. Each Legacy Society member has included a gift to Second Harvest in their will, trust, retirement plan or insurance policy. To learn more about leaving a legacy, go to plannedgiving.shfb.org or visit our Spenden Sie Geld Seite.