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Recipes and Stories that Nurture Community Connection

The stories in this cookbook from our wonderful clients Livier and Colette, along with our incredible partners Tadashi of Recovery Café and Bella Terra Apartments, exemplify our philosophy of empowering the community we serve to embrace nutritious food and foster a love for cooking.

Recipes and Stories that Nurture Community Connection2023-08-11T12:43:40-07:00

Video: Basic Knife Skills Training

Developing good knife skills can save you time and keep you safe when preparing food. This video goes over how to securely hold a knife as well as basic techniques of chopping, dicing, mincing and julienning a variety of produce – including butternut squash! Whether you’re brushing up on basics or learning from scratch, this knife skills video will have you chopping like a pro.

Video: Basic Knife Skills Training2023-07-27T17:58:37-07:00

Video: Food Safety Training

Our 35-minute online Food Safety Training is available here for all partner agencies and grocery programs, along with their staff and volunteers who handle food. Once completed, this will fulfill [...]

Video: Food Safety Training2023-07-27T17:56:37-07:00


So handhaben und kochen Sie Geflügel sicher: Wenden Sie diese Best Practices in Ihrem Haushalt an, wenn Sie Geflügel handhaben, auftauen, kochen und lagern. Flyer herunterladen (Englisch | Español | Tiếng Việt [...]


Verringerung der Lebensmittelverschwendung

Achtsame Tipps, um Lebensmittelverschwendung zu reduzieren und das Beste aus Ihren Lebensmitteln zu machen: Drehen Sie Ihre Lebensmittel im Kühlschrank und in der Speisekammer; Essenszubereitung für die Woche; und mehr. [...]

Verringerung der Lebensmittelverschwendung2023-02-17T14:54:27-08:00