Start Now to Help Your Local Food Bank

Are you looking for a new way to help your local food bank? Virtual food drives are a wonderful way to fundraise and help your friends, family and co-workers invest in their community. Instead of collecting food, a virtual food drive allows you to collect funds online. By hosting or donating to a drive, you are making it possible for neighbors across Santa Clara and San Mateo counties to have uninterrupted access to nutritious groceries.

Check out these five recent virtual food drives for Second Harvest of Silicon Valley that really impressed us with their creativity and passion:

1.) Host a Sporting Event

Giving back is an annual tradition for kids and families at swim coach Kaleb’s local pool. He turned their yearly swim-a-thon into a virtual food drive to support their local food bank, Second Harvest. His swim club created a virtual food drive page that allowed people to sponsor individual and team swimmers.

This year, adding a sponsor sheet really made a difference in hitting our goal, and our message was clear: Swimming can have a positive impact on bodies AND communities. – Kaleb, swim coach virtual food drive coordinator

2.) Share Your Talent

Hillview Middle School hosted a virtual talent show in which students recorded their acts at home and then submitted their videos. Organizers compiled the videos and live-streamed the show to YouTube. Viewers donated the cost of admission to their local food bank, Second Harvest, and were encouraged to give more during the event.

3.) Rally Around Your Passion

The 3rdRail9ers started tailgating at Candlestick Park in the ‘80s. Now their tailgate includes giving back.

The 3rdRail9ers created flyers with a QR code promoting their virtual food drive that they post at their tailgate and share on their social channels. QR codes make it easy for your guests to support their local food bank on the spot and quickly get back to the party!


“We have an amazing group of friends and fans, old and new, that visit our tailgate. We knew they would step up and support us with this cause, and we were so right!” – Cyndi Kelly, 3rdRail9ers virtual food drive coordinator

4.) Selling for Good

Silicon Valley Open Studios, which encompasses multiple artists and exhibits for buyers, decided to start a drive for their 2020 showcase event. A portion of the proceeds from the art event went to their local food bank, Second Harvest.

Read more about the Silicon Valley Open Studios’ 2020 showcase event.

5.) Create an Impact Over the Holidays

Matt and Brianna, along with their kids, decided to transform their front yard into their favorite wizarding world for Halloween. They asked visitors in awe of their creation to donate to their local food bank, Second Harvest.

Harry Potter House

 “We see how much joy it brings to people and we are so glad to help make a small difference and see the funds go to such a fantastic cause that helps improve our whole community.” – Matt, virtual food drive coordinator

Get Creative

Virtual food drives can be fun and creative ways to bring families, friends, neighbors and co-workers together to support your local food bank and community. Check out the get creative page and toolkit for more inspiration on starting a virtual food drive!

Make a Difference and Start a Virtual Food Drive Today

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