Ray’s Story: Why Healthy Food Matters

Ray hopes to counsel people who have experienced trauma in their lives, but right now he is trying to get an education in one of the most expensive places [...]

Ray’s Story: Why Healthy Food Matters2021-10-13T15:03:06-07:00

A Student Champion – Benjamin’s Story

Your Support for the Kids Too many college students see their futures jeopardized because they struggle to get the nutritious food they need to perform in class and pursue [...]

A Student Champion – Benjamin’s Story2022-04-22T11:09:23-07:00

For the Kids: Feed Kids, Nourish Lives

For the last two years, Faviola, Carlos and their three kids – 9-year-old Alex, 7-year-old Bruce and 3-year-old Destiny – have been homeless. Right now they are living in temporary [...]

For the Kids: Feed Kids, Nourish Lives2021-10-08T11:16:04-07:00

Nurturing Angelica’s Excellence

Patrick Manigque and his family are real clients of Second Harvest and are featured in this year’s Holiday Food and Fund Drive materials. Meet the people that you’ve seen on [...]

Nurturing Angelica’s Excellence2021-07-09T11:33:46-07:00