September is Hunger Action Month – it’s time to mobilize and beet hunger together.

Hunger is a serious problem in our community. The cost of housing in Silicon Valley has spiraled out of control in recent years, far beyond reach for many of our neighbors, forcing families to sacrifice groceries to pay rent.

These neighbors are parents working jobs that are vital to our community, kids who need nutritious food to grow up strong and healthy, seniors living on fixed incomes, and college students committed to graduating.

With hunger at an all-time high, Second Harvest is serving more of us than ever before – an average of 266,000 kids, families and seniors every month in Silicon Valley.

Hunger Action Month is your opportunity to help us feed more people than ever before by raising awareness about this important issue and encouraging your friends and family to support efforts to end hunger in our community.

It’s going to take a coordinated community effort – from businesses, government, community groups and individuals like you. With your support, the problem of hunger is solvable. Whether it’s by donating, volunteering or advocating for anti-hunger policies, you can find a way to make a difference that’s right for you.

Here’s how you can help “beet” hunger in our community:

  • Host a virtual or traditional food drive. Making sure our neighbors have the nutritious food they need to thrive is an issue everyone can get behind. Customize your own fundraising page and order food collection barrels to be delivered directly to you. By asking just 25 people to donate $50, you’ll provide 2,500 meals to local families. Get started.
  • Fundraise via Facebook. Organizing a fundraiser on Facebook is fun and easy – and there are no fees for donations made to nonprofits like Second Harvest. You can connect with your friends around an issue that everyone can get behind – making sure our neighbors have the nutritious food they need to stay healthy and housed.
  • Donate here to help your hungry neighbors in need. Second Harvest can stretch the dollars you donate to feed more people.
    • Second Harvest can turn $10 into 20 nutritious meals.
    • $1 provides nearly $3 worth of food at a local grocery store.
    • With your donation of $50, Second Harvest can provide a balanced meal for 100 people at a local shelter.

Hungry for more? Here are more ways to get involved:

  • Advocate for those needing access to healthy food in our community.
    • Use this form to submit a comment opposing a proposal to amend a SNAP categorical eligibility rule.

Thank you for participating in Hunger Action Month!