Our Nutrition Department is always trying to come up with strategies and ideas to encourage clients, not only to take and eat the food that we provide, but to become nutrition advocates in their communities. Part of what we do to accomplish this goal is to work with our Partner Agencies and distribution site leaders. We are excited to share what we’ve done in Santa Clara County so far this year:

  • 40 cooking demonstrations
  • 4 nutrition workshops with 6 classes each
  • 28 nutrition individual presentations, including food safety presentations
  • 17 nudges consultations to help agencies encourage their clients to take healthy foods provided



What’s New!

Facebook Page for Spanish-Speaking Clients: We believe in the power of direct interaction with our clients and many of our efforts are focused on that. However, as we are able to provide more food to clients, we are finding the need to reach out to them in a greater capacity, utilizing methods that are convenient for clients. For this reason, we launched our first Facebook page targeting Spanish-speaking clients that provides nutrition information. We post content that inspires clients to make better food choices and take the best possible advantage of all the healthy food that we distribute. This content includes recipes, cooking videos produced by our department and pictures and stories about what is happening on the nutrition education front at agencies and direct sites.

Nudges: We have also launched our Nudges program at agencies which provides them with resources to make healthy food more accessible to their clients. These resources include multi-language recipe posters, materials and consultations to support the agency in displaying produce and healthy food in an attractive way for clients. We started this program as a pilot and so far 17 agencies are participating. We are committed to working with agencies to make subtle changes in the environment to help make the healthy choice an easy choice for clients!