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You can volunteer to build a hunger-free community. Make an immediate difference in Silicon Valley by signing up for a volunteer shift. Below are the ways you can help get food to people in your community who need it.

Orari di servizio della comunità ordinati dal tribunale: Prima di registrarti e iniziare il tuo servizio di volontariato, devi richiedere la pre-approvazione.

Ordina gli alimenti nel nostro magazzino

Help sort and box the fresh produce and healthy groceries we provide to neighbors in our community. Duties may include sorting and quality control, assembly line work, lifting boxes onto pallets, or unloading produce. Volunteer shifts include clean-up time as well. Please note these shifts are fast paced and active and may require lifting up to 25 pounds.

Ordina cibo

Distribuire cibo alla comunità

Help distribute healthy food in nearly every neighborhood in Silicon Valley. Duties may include preparing and cleaning the distribution site, unloading food and preparing it for distribution, and assisting clients. Please note these shifts can be fast paced and active and may require lifting up to 25 pounds.

Distribuire cibo

Consegnare cibo a casa

Load your vehicle and deliver nutritious food to our home-bound and senior clients in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties. This is a recurring role that involves preparing and verifying the content of boxes and distributing them to clients. This is an active role that requires lifting heavy boxes.

Generi alimentari a domicilio

Promuovere le risorse alimentari e condividere l'educazione alimentare

We need committed, friendly volunteers who will go out in the community and help people understand the power of nutritious food and how to access it.
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Volontariato regolarmente

We rely on committed, dedicated volunteers who can support our efforts on an ongoing basis, both at distribution sites and in our warehouse.

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