“Nutrition in Action” is a series focused on what our Nutrition team is up to in the community.

Special Blog Post By: Diana Garcia, Nutrition Education Coordinator

Exciting news: our Nutrition Department is now making cooking videos! The idea came after the success of the cooking workshops we’ve been doing in the community and the positive feedback received. To keep the momentum going and motivate our clients to eat healthy, we thought about using social media to share recipes and tips on how to cook healthy food on a budget. And then we thought, “Why not? Let’s make some cooking videos!”

The filming process started very informally. Our first video featured the brown rice recipe I prepare during workshops and cooking demos at partner agency sites. After that first video, our team wanted to make more videos of recipes using the fresh produce clients receive, but find challenging to cook.

So I bought some lights and a tripod, then worked on the spaghetti squash video, followed by the butternut squash one.

As a result, we now have three videos and we’ll be making a new video every month! Even though my team doesn’t have much experience filming and editing, we try to be creative! We bought new editing tools and a stabilizer, and little by little we are improving our videos’ quality and content. For now, our videos are only subtitled in Spanish, but the images are universal. Most importantly, we’re always looking for ways to encourage clients to eat healthy and to take advantage of the food we provide.

Check our delicious roasted butternut recipe video below and stay tuned as we will be sharing our new videos on our Facebook page each month!


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