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Kể từ khi đơn đặt hàng tại chỗ bắt đầu, một số hộp lớn từ Second Harvest ở Thung lũng Silicon đã xuất hiện trước cửa nhà Ernesto hai lần mỗi tháng: một hộp sản phẩm tươi, nhiều màu sắc như xoài, mận và cần tây, một hộp khô không dễ hỏng hàng hóa như gạo và ngũ cốc, và một hộp chứa protein, như thịt gà, trứng và bơ đậu phộng. Những hàng tạp hóa này được giao miễn phí bởi những người tình nguyện cho Ernesto.

Ernesto, a 70-year-old bus driver for special education students, found himself out of a job when COVID-19 forced schools to move to remote learning1. With the unexpected and abrupt loss of his income, Ernesto wondered how he was going to survive. Ernesto is just one of the 500,000 people on average who are now getting food from Second Harvest every month.

Giving food to families, multi-generational households, seniors, veterans or college students offers more than just nourishment, it provides hope, happiness and security so there’s one less thing to worry about as our clients focus on finding the joy this holiday season. With your support we can continue to give what matters to our community.

“My granddaughter is the world to me, and I just want to hug her. When all of this is over, we got to make up for those hugs that we missed.”

– Ernesto, pictured above

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Due to COVID-19, we cannot accept community food donations this year. Please consider signing up for a virtual food drive to raise critical support.

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