Last week the Food Bank rescued 6,294 pounds of perishable food from a Target store in San Jose that experienced a power outage.

Due to our Grocery Rescue relationship with this store, they knew who to contact at the Food Bank to quickly save this food from going to waste. We received a wide variety of perishable products including meat, frozen food, cheese and assorted dairy products.

Within an hour of receiving the call, our Transportation department responded to this special request and was able to send a driver and assistant to the store to gather the perishable food items for our clients. Our two employees spent three hours at the store loading bins from the shelves. They checked the temperature of all the product to ensure that it was still safe to distribute and sorted the products in to categories as they loaded the bins.

These rescued food items would have gone to waste without the preexisting relationship between the Target store and our team, and the dedication of our staff to figuring out how to fit this unexpected pick-up in to their already busy schedules. Our clients at soup kitchens, shelters and pantries will soon be enjoying these high quality dairy, meat and frozen food items.

To learn more about our Grocery Rescue program, visit our website.