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Warm Braised Apples and Cabbage

October 15, 2021

by Sammi Lowe
Warm Braised Apples and Cabbage
This simple recipe is made with just a few ingredients but will enhance any meal.

Prep Time: 15 Minutes

Cook Time: 30 Minutes

Total Time: 45 Minutes

Author: Laura Enssle

Skill Level: Easy

Keyword: Slaw

Cuisine: American


  • 2 tsp cooking oil
  • 1/2 head green cabbage, thinly sliced
  • 2 apples, thinly sliced
  • 2 Tbsp apple cider vinegar (or plain white vinegar)
  • 1 Tbsp brown sugar
  • Salt to taste

Our Warm Braised Apples and Cabbage recipe is made with just a few ingredients, but will enhance any meal with it’s flavor and aroma. Try it over grilled chicken or pork or as a simple tasty side dish.

How to Make Warm Braised Apples and Cabbage

  1. Heat the oil in a medium-sized soup pot on medium heat until warm. Add the cabbage, apple, vinegar, brown sugar and a pinch of salt.
  2. Stir to combine. Wait until the cabbage and apples are warm. Turn the heat down to low and cover with a lid.
  3. Let the mixture cook for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally. Season with more salt to taste.