Nutrition Education

Nutrition education

Nutritious meals matter. Households that lack proper nutrition can be caught in a vicious cycle of poverty, food insecurity and poor health. Without enough nutritious food, it’s hard to fully engage in school and work. If our bodies don’t get the nutrients they need, our health can suffer. To combat this cycle, we’ve developed a dynamic nutrition education program to promote healthy and safe food. These are our primary nutrition goals:

1. Ensure clients get nutritious food
2. Encourage clients to eat the nutritious food they receive
3. Provide food-safety education

We have a progressive Healthy Food and Beverage Policy that guides our distribution of nutritious foods. We work hard to plan a menu of food that is healthy, culturally appropriate and delicious.

Another goal is to encourage clients to eat the healthy food they receive. We educate clients on nutrition using cooking demonstrations, basic lessons based on USDA dietary recommendations, food tastings and recipe cards. We are developing more in-depth curricula, including nutrition consultations and workshops to help clients manage their diet-related conditions. We maintain the latest nutrition education resources for our partner agencies and clients, both online and at our Nutrition Education centers at our Curtner and Bing locations. Additionally, we give regular presentations on customized nutrition topics for our agencies upon request. To see our nutrition education in action, check out our Facebook Group page.

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Safe food is the best food

Along with ensuring food is healthy, we make sure all food is safe. The entire Nutrition Department is ServSafe certified to provide high-quality technical assistance both internally and to our agencies. We give two free trainings a month for our agencies and direct-service sites to keep up to date on food safe practices.

Interested in helping with our nutrition objectives? Visit our education and outreach volunteer page.